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Taili Group Team Introduction

Core expert team:

Taili Group R&D Team:

First, the core R & D team members:

01. Professor Wang Zhaokai, American Engineering Fellow
02. Professor Wang Yuhua, Chinese Academy of Engineering
03. Professor Wang Fosong, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Second, important research and development personnel:

01, Dr. Ma Fei Professor-level senior engineer Beijing Taili Jinghong Science and Technology Research Institute
02, Dr. Jiang Qi, Professor, South China University of Technology
03, Dr. Cong Wei Professor, Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences
04, Dr. Liu Gang, Professor, China Agricultural University
05, Wang Xiaogong, Ph.D. Professor, Shangrao Innovation Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences
06, Gao Yahui, Ph.D. Professor, Xiamen University
07, Dr. Mi Jiaoli, Professor, Beijing University of Science and Technology
08, Jiang Haitao, Ph.D. Professor, Beijing University of Science and Technology
09, Yang Xiaojing, Ph.D. Professor, Beijing Normal University
10. Chen Hongxiang, Ph.D. Professor, Wuhan University of Science and Technology
11. Dr. Cui Fangming, Professor, China Aerospace Fifth Institute
12. Dr. Cai Jun Professor Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
13. Yuan Huilin, Ph.D. Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
14. Zhang Baoli Professor-level senior engineer CNOOC Changzhou Coating Research Institute
15. Yuan Weiqun, Ph.D. Professor, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
16. Xue Xinsheng, Ph.D., CNOOC Research Institute
17. Tang Shanfa, Ph.D. Professor, Yangtze University (formerly Jianghan Petroleum Institute)
18. Dr. Zhang Jiangtao Shenzhen Zhaokai Bioengineering Research and Development Center
19. Dr. Wen Weijia, Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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