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Demand position: marketing staff
Requirements for office:
1, not limited to men and women, college or above, more than 2 years of sales experience;
2, have strong customer communication ability and higher business processing ability, have good team work spirit;
3, have a strong sense of responsibility, can continue to pay attention to the standardization of sales behavior, pay attention to quality and detail;
4, honest and hard work, strong learning ability.
Post duties:
1, grasp the policy information of each oil product sales company, analyze the market situation in various places, and provide support and guarantee for the development of business.
2. Under the leadership of the superior, the quantitative work requirements are regularly completed and the tasks responsible can be handled and solved independently.
3, opening up new markets, developing new customers and increasing the range of product sales;
4. It is responsible for collecting market and industry information to deepen understanding.
5, complete the other work of the superiors.
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