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Requirements for office:
1. College degree or above, chemical machinery and other related major;
2 or five years of technical experience in chemical engineering design;
3. Have experience in production process transformation in chemical industry, or engaged in equipment process in a research unit of a design unit, and the design experience is preferred.
4, familiar with the application of AUTOCAD design software and various office software;
5, familiar with the relevant contents of design of chemical system engineering, understand the structure and properties of chemical machinery, chemical equipment, familiar with pressure vessel standards and other technical specifications, familiar with chemical pipeline design, chemical machinery and equipment design and installation of piping layout, Guan Luan packaging design, equipment maintenance, maintenance experience;
6. Familiar with the safety and operation of chemical process, pressure vessel, electrical system, heat exchange system, control system and so on.
Post duties:
1. According to the requirements of the process, the product design and drawing are drawn.
2, responsible for the supervision and implementation of technical drawings.
3. Selection of related equipment;
4. Responsible for the installation, commissioning and operation of chemical machinery and equipment.
5. Participate in the research and technical performance analysis of the key components of the project.
6. It is responsible for the improvement and optimization of the equipment in the process flow.
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