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2018 (2nd) China Green Road ● Green Finance Summit Held in Beijing

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The 2018 (2nd) China Greenway ● Green Finance Summit hosted by the International Green Economic Association was held on March 31, 2018 at the Wanda Mandarin Hotel Beijing. The summit was supported by the China Financial Institution's Green Finance Professional Committee, with the theme of “Launching a Green Financial System and Promoting the Development of Green Industry”, focusing on leading green industries that lead green development, discussing green financial service innovation and green market investment, and establishing green support. The financial policy landed and promoted the integration of green industry financing with green industry as a platform. More than 300 people from the “political, industrial, academic, research, and investment” circles attended the meeting.

The summit held a high-level dialogue on the theme of "green financial product innovation and green market investment." Liu Hong, Chairman of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd., Wu Tianxiao, Deputy General Manager of Industrial Bank Green Banking Division, Feng Shouzun, Head of the Bank Bond Research Team of China Banking Association, and Jiang Minglei, Managing Director of Investment Banking, Western Securities Co., Ltd. Hui Lei, Managing Director of Hui Hui, Kong Yinni, Managing Director of One Village Capital, Shi Jinzhong, Chairman of Beijing Jianwei Consulting Co., Ltd., and Lin Yongqing, President of Value China Net, made a total of eight guests.

In response to innovations in financial products for green markets and innovation in business models and cooperation mechanisms in the green industry, the specific measures to achieve “mutual integration” between “green” attributes and “financial” attributes are described. In the frontier and pragmatic exchanges of ideas, green finance is a policy To the market, from the concept to the practice, the emergence of ripping. Green finance and the green industry need to complement the necessary capacity building, which will enable green finance to land and promote the development of green industries. After the green industry optimizes its business model, it will also carry green finance and drive financial cooperation to achieve green growth. The basic consensus of high-end dialogue.

During the dialogue, Chairman Liu Hong elaborated on the differences between green industry and traditional industries in response to the questions from the chairing guests. He also explained the characteristics of the green industry and its green cleanness using the pure hydrocarbon biodiesel technology and products of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. as a case. And environmental protection.
In order to promote the in-depth integration of representative green industries and green finance and focus on leading green industries that lead green development, the summit also selected two topics of “industrial solid waste resource treatment industry” and “Xiangguan Guo Green Industry Cluster” to carry out Industrial Solid Waste Recycling Industry and Green Finance Special Conference "and" Wen Guanguo Green Industry Cluster and Green Finance Special Conference". Discuss the mode and path of green finance to support the development of green industries.

The summit also organized the role and innovation model of green financing and green industry credit service systems, green bonds, trusts and other financial services industries to green industry finance and green finance businesses. The Green Finance Council of the International Green Economy Association released 5 100 million RMB green market investment information.
The 2nd China Greenway Green Finance Summit concluded in the concluding speech of Deng Jihai, executive president of the International Green Economy Association. Deng Jihai said that the party’s Nineteenth Report closely linked the development of green finance with the establishment of a green technology innovation system and the expansion of green industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection. This shows that since the 2016 State Council issued the “Guidance Opinion on Establishing a Green Financial System,” the 19th National Congress has Once the green finance has fallen into concrete green technologies and green industries, this will be the most powerful blood to drive green development. In this context, the International Green Economy Association will hold a session of China Greenway Green Finance on March 31 every year. The summit invited the financial community and industry guests to take an inventory of the annual focus to jointly promote green finance and support the development of green industries.

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