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2018 the first China (Dexing) green development forum will be held soon.

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-04-27 13:37:49 Read: 1253 second

In order to make the "Nineteen big" ecological civilization construction and the policy spirit of green development in Dexing, a typical demonstration of the integration of "green mountain and Jinshan Yinshan" is set up for the whole country. It is jointly organized by the international green economy association, the Dexing people's government, the Shenzhen Terry energy limited company and the Dexing Municipal Bureau of Commerce. The 2018 first China (Dexing) green development forum is to be held in Dexing, Jiangxi on -6 May 5, 2018, the theme of the forum is "green mountain and Jinshan Yinshan".

2018 the first China (Dexing) green development forum was held by the former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and the president of Changsha Zu Kang, the honorary meeting of the international green economic association. The meeting organized the government officials, the domestic green industry authority experts, the green technology enterprises, the leadership of the Jiangxi provincial government, the media, and the relevant government departments of the Dexing city. And more than 200 people from local enterprises gathered in Dexing, Jiangxi, to discuss green development.
In recent years, a series of important discussions on green development have been deeply rooted in the hearts of general secretary Xi Jinping. Dexing, Jiangxi Province, as the national advanced ecological civilization county and the first demonstration county of ecological civilization in Jiangxi Province, is the most representative city of "both Jinshan Yinshan and green mountain". Dexing has insisted on green ecology as the greatest advantage and brightest brand for the sustainable development of resource-based cities. In order to develop one of the main strategies, we have explored a "Dexing model" of green development, "building green mines, developing green" ecology + "agricultural industry, adhering to the green development achievements all the people sharing, exploring the classification treatment of rural living garbage".
2018 the first China (Dexing) Green Development Forum on the theme of "green mountain and Jinshan Yinshan", organize national leaders, industry experts and business leaders to discuss green development (Dexing) practice and innovation, green development industry innovation practice and so on. Many heavy heavyweight guests address the scene, and make a keynote speech. The signing ceremony will also be held at the summit and the Dexing Declaration on green development will be issued.
The main content of the theme conference is "science and technology innovation and green development" as the main content of the establishment of green development of scientific and technological innovation system, Dexing green development science and technology innovation plan (Dexing municipal government leadership), Terry (Dexing) special report on the development of bio energy technology, high end dialogue - technology innovation and green industry development, etc. A thematic block. From the green development, new energy technology, ecological environment management, the application of diatom shell and other dimensions to explore the exchange and cooperation based on the green industry technology innovation, and promote the new pattern of Dexing green industry economic development and growth.
The 2018 first China (Dexing) green development forum will be the vane of the green industry development in the new era, with the east wind of the nineteen new era spirit and the long green development model in Dexing.
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