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Tai Li Energy annual output of 200 thousand tons of pure hydrocarbon bioenergy technology achievement appraisal meeting was held successfully

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-04-29 10:01:55 Read: 1369 second
     According to the relevant provisions of the scientific and technological evaluation method issued by the Ministry of science and technology, the scientific and technological administrative departments at all levels may not organize their own evaluation work on scientific and technological achievements in the future, and the evaluation work of scientific and technological achievements shall be commissioned by the third party professional evaluation institutions by the principal.

   According to the provisions of the evaluation method, the review meeting mainly has the following contents: the degree of technological innovation, the advanced degree of technical indexes, the difficulty and complexity of the technology, the value and effect of the results, the economic and social benefits obtained, the conditions and prospects of further popularization.

    At 9 a.m. on April 27, 2018, an expert was organized by the center for evaluation of scientific and technological achievements in Beijing. At the Vienna Hotel conference hall in Shenzhen, the annual production of 200 thousand tons of pure hydrocarbon bioenergy (pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and pure hydrocarbon) was held at the Vienna Hotel conference hall in Shenzhen. The conference invited 9 top experts and professors in the domestic petrochemical industry. The evaluation was made by Professor Qi Bangfeng, vice president of CNOOC oil refining and Chemical Science Research Institute, as the leader of the review meeting, and Professor Ji Hongbing, President of the Huizhou Institute of Huizhou, as the deputy leader.

    The main topics of this meeting are as follows: review of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel technology package and review the technological advances; evaluate the two part of the technical achievements of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel, the report is Liang Yi, the chief engineer of Terry energy. At the meeting, the experts carefully reviewed the relevant information provided by Terry energy, listened to the technical summary report, and formed expert opinion through inquiry, question and discussion.

The purpose and significance of the convening of this review meeting are divided into three aspects: first, through the evaluation of the first-class expert professors in the petrochemical industry, an objective, impartial and realistic evaluation of the technology package design and technical achievements of Terry energy is carried out to further confirm the advanced nature of the technology; secondly, From the technical and professional point of view, the evaluation experts confirm the maturity of the production technology and related technology of Jiangxi's innovation energy project, provide the necessary technical support for the safety review, ensure the project can be successfully landed and put into production in time. Thirdly, from the technical and professional point of view, it will strive for the full enjoyment of the state related to the next step of the source.  Biodiesel preferential policies provide strong technical support materials.

    The review will take three hours of discussion and review. After full discussion and review, experts from the evaluation expert group reached an agreement that the technology level of Terry energy pure hydrocarbon biodiesel reached the international leading level.

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