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Taili Energy: actively explore green industry innovation and practice

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-05-16 11:20:25 Read: 1978 second
With the continuous improvement of support for the green industry in the past 10 years, green products have gained roots in the hearts of people, and the green industry has shown a rapid and vigorous development. This can be achieved from the rapid growth of the members and governing bodies of the International Green Economy Association. It can be seen, but according to the 13-year practice of Taili Energy in the green industry and the communication with many green enterprises, it is found that the vast majority of green enterprises in China are still small, medium and micro enterprises, and the living environment is very difficult. The main reasons are the following Some points: 1. The production cost is high, because the green industry needs to use renewable materials instead of the original industrial and mining materials, the initial development costs must be high, while the green industry products are the entire social benefits, consumers naturally will not pay for high costs, This has led to the development of the green industry in the field of environmental protection forced by the state, while there are few achievements in other fields. 2. The technical threshold is too low to form the core competitiveness. Because the green industry generally has high costs and low profits, enterprises cannot afford to use more funds for R&D. The technological achievements of scientific research institutions cannot be quickly industrialized, resulting in many Emerging industries are in a state of vicious competition. 3. The state's efforts to support the green industry are not fully balanced in various industries, and the means of local government support are limited. The financial institutions’ support for the green industry is even less thunderous and rainy, making the market appear like a Mobike bicycle type. Some of the simple business model innovation companies can raise billions of dollars, and some of the strange images of green companies with revolutionary technology are unattractive.

However, the green industry is an inevitable trend of human development. No matter how difficult it is, there are still more and more entrepreneurs with emotions joining the industry.

Taili Energy has been practicing in the innovation and development of the green industry for many years. Since 2005, it has been developing technology to extract pure hydrocarbon biodiesel from waste animal and vegetable oils. The laboratory achieved success in 2012 and the pilot test in 2015 was successful. Taili Energy's independently developed pure-hydrocarbon biodiesel nanometer molecular sieve catalytic deoxygenation technology is the company's core technology. It can extract purely pure biodiesel that is almost identical to pure petrochemical diesel components from various animal and vegetable waste oils. In August 2015, it was recognized by the state-level scientific and technological achievements appraisal agency that the technology has reached the domestic leading level.

Since 2015, it has further upgraded the technology of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel. After comprehensive research, it is now possible to produce both pure-hydrocarbon bio-gasoline and pure-hydrocarbon bio-diesel, and its composition is similar to that of pure petrochemical gasoline and pure petrochemical diesel. Quite the same, the technology has been recognized as an international advanced level by the national accreditation body on April 27. The pure hydrocarbon biogas and pure hydrocarbon biodiesel produced by Taili Energy can be used on any gasoline and diesel vehicle, which can completely replace the traditional petrochemical gasoline, pure petrochemical diesel, and do not need to make any changes to the automobile.

Taili Energy now owns Beijing Taili Science and Technology Research Institute, Jiangxizun Innovative Energy Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center Co., Ltd. and other units.

Beijing Taili Science and Technology Research Institute focuses on the research of industrialization technology for pure hydrocarbon bio-energy and diatom cultivation, deep processing and comprehensive application of the two major industrial sectors, and the technology of these two major plates are currently at the international advanced or international leading level.

The Institute currently has a research institute of pure hydrocarbon bio-energy and a diatom comprehensive technology institute, which provides long-term and efficient all-round technical support for Jiangxi Zunxin Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center Co., Ltd.

The Institute of Pure Hydrocarbon Energy has cooperated with research institutes such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Hunan Changling Petrochemical Research Institute, Luoyang Petrochemical Design Institute, Qiyang Petrochemical Design Institute, etc. for bio-lubricants, bio-aviation oil, bio-fine chemicals, etc. The field continues to develop and strives to achieve "energy substitution" for all petrochemical products technically within five years.

The Institute of Diatom Synthesis was led by Academician Wang Zhaokai of the American Academy of Engineering and has cooperated with famous universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and Wuhan University of Science and Technology in diatom breeding and high-end technology development and application. Extensive cooperation.

Jiangxi Zunxin Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the production, research and development and sales of pure hydrocarbon bio-energy products. The annual output of 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project is under construction in Dexing City, Jiangxi Province. It is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2018. After completion, the annual output of pure hydrocarbon bio-energy products will reach 200,000 tons, and the annual production value will reach 1.5 billion yuan. 200 million yuan, to achieve a true sense of scale production. Respect for innovative energy as the company's first model factory, will be built into a benchmark enterprise with Chinese characteristics of green energy industry, laying a good foundation for the company to achieve a global industrial layout.

Shenzhen Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the industrial application of diatom culture technology and is committed to the development of high-yielding aquaculture technology for open diatoms. Based on this, it will develop marine microalgae energy, bio-environmental protection, and biomedicine. The application of such technology, the technology has obtained a number of national patents, in the diatom breeding technology in the international leading position. Diatoms have broad application prospects. First, the oils in diatoms can be used as one of the important source oils for the company's pure hydrocarbon biodiesel. Second, the diatomite shells in the nanoscale three-dimensional network structure can rapidly degrade plastics. There are broad prospects for applications such as increasing glass toughness and making high-strength fireproof materials (aerospace special materials). Diatoms can be cultivated in saline-alkali land, which is of great significance to the improvement and management of saline-alkali land in China.
For example, according to the calculation of 2 tons/mu oil, 2 tons/mu algae shell, and 2 tons/mu single-cell vegetable protein, only 300 million mu of saline-alkali land, desert land, and coastal beach can solve 600 million tons of oil demand. Taili Energy will build its own ecological chain and will create the future of oil. It will be the future of industrial materials. Taili Energy will verify that the future of agriculture is the source of industry and that industry is an extension of agriculture! This is the inevitable way for mankind to achieve sustainable development!
"Bei Xian did not dare to forget about worrying about the country." The Chinese nation has come to the critical moment of its great rejuvenation. The green industry will be an important industry for China to achieve speeding. We can also see such leading cadres and experts and scholars as former UN Deputy Secretary-General Sha Zukang, counselor of the State Council Liu Yanhua, etc., who support the development of green industries and fully support them, and entrepreneurs who are still struggling in the green industry. This is the hope for the development of the green industry. We also hope that more entrepreneurs with “family feelings” will join the green industry to jointly promote the vigorous development of this industry and work hard for the construction of a beautiful China. Fight for future generations.

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