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Ministry of Ecology and Environment: China will implement the most stringent regulatory environment for motor vehicles

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-06-04 10:03:53 Read: 207 second
According to a report by the China News Agency on June 2 in Beijing, officials of the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment told reporters in Beijing on the 2nd that they will expedite the development of the action plan for the implementation of the pollution control strategy for diesel trucks and establish the strictest full-scale control of motor vehicles. The environmental supervision system promotes a marked improvement in the air quality in cities and regions.
According to the “China Motor Vehicle Environmental Management Annual Report (2018)” published by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China has become the world’s largest motor vehicle production and sales country for nine consecutive years. In 2017, the number of motor vehicles in China reached 310 million. Vehicle pollution has become an important source of air pollution in China, and the urgency of motor vehicle pollution prevention and control has become increasingly prominent.
According to the person in charge of the Department of Atmospheric Environment Management of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, with the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, some cities in China have begun to exhibit the characteristics of combined pollution of soot and motor vehicle exhaust, which directly affect public health.
In 2017, the total calculation of the total emission of four pollutants from motor vehicles nationwide was 43.597 million tons, a reduction of 2.5% from the previous year. Among them, carbon monoxide (CO) 33.373 million tons, hydrocarbons (HC) 4.071 million tons, nitrogen oxides (NOx) 5.743 million tons, particulate matter (PM) 50.9 million tons. The automobile is the main contributor to the air pollution emissions of motor vehicles. Diesel trucks, which account for 7.8% of vehicle ownership, emit 57.3% of NOx and 77.8% of PM, which is a top priority for motor vehicle pollution prevention and control.
The person in charge of the Department of Atmospheric Environmental Management stated that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will expedite the formulation and implementation of the action plan for the implementation of diesel truck pollution control, reduce the total amount of emissions from diesel vehicles, optimize the adjustment of transportation structures, and focus on high-polluting and high-emission diesel trucks, and establish the most Strict motor vehicle "full control, full control" environmental supervision system, implementation of clean diesel vehicles, clean diesel engines, clean transport and clean oil products four major actions to ensure that the proportion of railway freight significantly increased, the total discharge of pollutants decreased significantly, and promote the city and The ambient air quality in the region has improved significantly.
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