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Create \"closed loop\" from waste grease to biodiesel

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-06-06 10:05:16 Read: 3669 second
Shanghai, which has made repeated innovations in biodiesel, recently introduced new regulations to support the development of biodiesel. Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Government promulgated the "Provisional Management Measures for the Promotion and Application of Biodiesel for Waste Cooking Oils" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"). It requires that, starting from June 1, the whole industry chain of resource-based wastes from Shanghai kitchens should be closed. Management to promote the use of resources and ensure food safety.
The entire process of production, collection and transportation is made mandatory
The "Measures" stipulates the whole process system for the production, collection, transportation, disposal, and sales of kitchen waste. It is required that the receiving and transporting company not reject it, and the producing company must not refuse to pay.
The production of restaurant kitchen waste oil should be provided with a special kitchen waste collection container, and the collected kitchen waste should be collected and transported.
The collection and transportation company shall, in accordance with the scope of services determined by the bid, collect and transport the waste cooking oil produced by the enterprises within its jurisdiction and process it into raw oil with an oil content of not less than 95% and hand it over to the disposal enterprise.
The disposal company shall, in accordance with the requirements of the disposal service agreement, make the raw oil provided by the receiving and transportation company into a diesel fuel blending biodiesel (BD100) that meets the product standards.
Finally, B5 biodiesel modulation and sales companies need to modulate BD100 into B5 biodiesel according to product standards. Such biodiesel can be sold at the B5 biodiesel gas station determined by Shanghai and other application sites approved by related departments.
When interviewing biodiesel companies, the reporter learned that due to factors such as the collection price and lack of effective supervision, restaurant kitchen waste oils easily flow into the underground chain, causing harm to people's food safety; the biodiesel industry using waste oil as raw material has also been used for many years. It is plagued by problems such as difficult raw material collection and high raw material prices. This time, Shanghai issued a new regulation to make rigid regulations on the flow of food wastes for kitchen and kitchen, which will undoubtedly have a major positive effect on the biodiesel industry.
Financial Subsidy Support
To encourage B5 biodiesel modulation, the "Measures" proposed that Shanghai will arrange financial funds for B5 biodiesel, B5 biodiesel filling stations, water filling stations, and internal sales stations recognized by the relevant departments for actual sales of B5 biodiesel. The price is 20% less than the actual amount of subsidies, subsidy to B5 biodiesel modulation sales companies, the maximum subsidy is not more than 0.24 yuan per liter. For B5 biodiesel that can account for sales but cannot calculate specific concessions, it shall be subsidized at a rate of 0.15 yuan per liter to B5 biodiesel manufacturers.
Not only that, Shanghai also implements emergency subsidy guarantees. The wholesale price of No. 0 diesel announced by the price department shall be multiplied by 0.8 plus the amount of subsidy not exceeding RMB 6,000/ton. When the wholesale price of No. 0 diesel is lower than 6,000 yuan/ton, subsidies will be given to disposal companies by municipal financial funds for the portion below 6,000 yuan/ton.

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