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Ministry of Transport: Completing the Task of Combat Pollution Prevention and Control in 2020

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-06-27 09:17:12 Read: 1249 second

Beijing, June 25 From the Ministry of Transport, it was learned that the Ministry of Transport has deployed the major tasks of strengthening the ecological environment protection for the transportation industry in the coming period, focusing on the goals of building a strong country with traffic and the management mechanism of ecological civilization.

Mao Jian, deputy inspector of the Ministry of Transport's Comprehensive Planning Department, said that the ecological civilization construction in the transportation industry is divided into two phases of development goals in 2020 and 2035, which will promote the transformation and upgrading of transportation, improve quality and efficiency, and better serve the country's traffic and beauty. The overall requirements for China's construction, including 2020, will achieve the goal of “a complete completion of the mission of transportation pollution prevention and combat”.
To this end, the Ministry of Transport will focus on several key tasks:
The first is to coordinate the spatial layout of transportation infrastructure and comprehensively promote the construction of green transportation infrastructure.
The second is to promote the application of new energy and clean energy such as LNG (liquefied natural gas).
The third is to promote the innovation of traffic science and technology, advance the development of intelligent transportation and intensive logistics, and promote the green packaging of the express delivery industry.
Fourth, we must take special measures to adjust the transportation structure, carry out special campaigns for the pollution control of diesel trucks, ship pollution prevention and control campaigns, special measures for the prevention and control of pollution in port facilities, and environmental pollution control in traffic areas, and complete the pollution prevention and control tasks for the transportation industry.
The fifth is to strengthen safety supervision and emergency response capacity building.
Sixth, promote international cooperation in green transportation and actively participate in the global environmental governance of transportation.
Seventh, it is to carry out green public transportation, improve rural travel conditions, strengthen green traffic propaganda and guidance, and promote the green public transport and other green public transport actions.
Eighth, deepen the reform of the comprehensive transportation system and mechanism, strengthen the construction of laws and standards, strengthen the guidance of economic policies, strengthen evaluation guidance, and improve the ecological civilization governance system.
Among them, one of the measures to combat pollution is to adjust the transportation structure. Mao Jian stated that the Ministry of Transport insists on the structural reform of the supply side as the main line, vigorously promotes the adjustment of the transport structure, optimizes the transport organization, and exerts various modes of transport. Comparative advantage, improve the efficiency of the integrated transportation system.

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