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Liu Yanhua, the State Council Counselor, visited the Beijing Taili Research Institute to guide and guide the work.

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-07-06 09:19:59 Read: 15656 second

Today (July 6) morning, Senior Consultant of the International Green Economy Association, State Council Counselor, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Liu Yanhua, Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology Wang Wentao, and President of the International Green Economy Association Deng Jihai and his entourage visited the Association: Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. - Beijing Taili Jinghong Science and Technology Research Institute visited and guided the work, and attached great importance to the innovation and development of the institute in the new energy industry. Liu Hong, Chairman of Taili Energy, Ma Fei, Director of the Taili Research Institute, and other leaders gave a warm reception.

During the visit, Chairman Liu Hong gave a detailed introduction to the development status, product development and future planning of the institute. Minister Liu Yanhua and his party fully affirmed the work of the institute and conducted pure hydrocarbons for the institute. Biodiesel core patent technology and diatom breeding, deep processing and comprehensive application of new technology research and development work expressed praise and high praise, Liu Yanhua said that the diatom biomaterial technology carried out by Taili Company for China's high-end equipment manufacturing, smart chips and other fields It will play an important driving role and is a typical high-tech green technology industry.

The leaders of the institute expressed their gratitude to Minister Liu Yanhua for his arrival. He also said that Tali Energy will continue to follow the green development route, actively explore and innovate, and strive to build a green industry benchmark.
After the exchange of visits, the think tank promotion plan of the “Teli diatom biomaterial technology” project was finally reached, and the Green Alliance will lead the establishment of the “Teli diatom biomaterial technology” special project, and continue to carry out the Shenzhen base research in August 2018. The special high-level think tank Beijing Consulting Association will take action, and will hold the results promotion and special summit during the WSF2018 Beijing Summit held in September 2018, and establish a “sustainable development-international production, research and research joint base”.
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