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The State Council passed the petrochemical industry planning and layout plan

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-07-26 10:20:26 Read: 1249 second
On July 23, the State Council executive meeting adopted a petrochemical industry planning and layout plan, requiring safety and environmental protection priority, and supporting private and foreign-funded enterprises to sole investment or holding investment to promote industrial upgrading.
In the State Council executive meeting held on July 23, the deployment of the role of fiscal and financial policies was better promoted, and the internal demand adjustment structure was supported to promote the development of the real economy; measures to promote effective investment around the short-board, increase the stamina and benefit the people's livelihood were determined.
The meeting listened to the report of financial and financial support for the development of the real economy, demanding that the macroeconomic policy be stable, insisting on not engaging in the "great flooding" type of strong stimulus, adjusting the camera's pre-adjustment and fine-tuning according to the situation, and coping with the uncertainty of the external environment. Keep the economy running in a reasonable range. Fiscal and financial policies should work together to serve the real economy more effectively and serve the macroeconomic situation more effectively.
First, the active fiscal policy should be more active. Focusing on tax reduction and fee reduction, on the basis of ensuring that the burden of taxation and fees of the market is reduced by more than 1.1 trillion yuan for the whole year, the policy of increasing the deduction rate of R&D expenses to 75% will be expanded by technology-based SMEs to all enterprises. It is estimated that the annual tax reduction will be 65 billion yuan. The 113 billion yuan that has been refunded for the value-added tax refunds for advanced manufacturing and modern service industries will be basically completed by the end of September. Strengthen the convergence of related parties, accelerate the issuance and use of special bonds of local governments of 1.35 trillion yuan this year, and achieve early results in promoting infrastructure projects under construction.
Second, a sound monetary policy should be tight and moderate. Maintain a moderate amount of social financing and ample liquidity, unblock the transmission mechanism of monetary and credit policies, and implement the various measures that have been introduced. Through the implementation of account management, etc., the establishment of a responsibility system, the implementation of small loans, small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial household loan interest exemption from value-added tax and other policies have been put in place. Guide financial institutions to use the RRR cuts to support small and micro enterprises, market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps, etc. Commercial banks are encouraged to issue small and micro enterprise financial bonds, exempting issuers from continuous profit requirements.
The third is to speed up the funding of the National Financing Guarantee Fund and strive to achieve the goal of newly supporting 150,000 (micro) small and micro enterprises and 140 billion yuan in loans each year. The awards will be awarded to the places where the scale of financing guarantees for small and micro enterprises will be expanded and the costs will be reduced.
The fourth is to resolutely clear out "zombie enterprises" and reduce the use of invalid funds. Continue to crack down on illegal financial institutions and activities, and keep the bottom line of systemic risks.
The meeting held that inspiring social vitality and promoting stable investment in effective investment are important measures to promote supply-side structural reforms to fill shortcomings, consolidate economic stability, and promote employment.
First, we must deepen the reform of the “distribution service” in the investment field and mobilize the enthusiasm of private investment. In the fields of transportation, oil and gas, telecommunications, etc., we will introduce a number of projects with private investment as the mainstay, clear investment return mechanism and great commercial potential. We will promote a high level of opening up to the outside world, improve foreign investment reinvestment incentive policies, and accelerate the landing of contracted foreign investment projects.
Second, we must effectively protect the funding needs of projects under construction. Supervise and urge local governments to revitalize fiscal stock funds, and guide financial institutions to ensure the financing needs of financing platform companies in accordance with the principle of marketization, and to avoid capital outages and unfinished projects for necessary projects under construction.

Third, we must meet the needs of development and people's livelihood, and promote the construction and reserve of a number of major projects. Strengthen basic research and core technology research in key areas.

(Source: China Government Network)

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