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\"Isolated Diatom Nano Biomaterials Technology\" IGEA Green Think Tank Expert Consultation Meeting will be held soon

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-08-20 17:17:19 Read: 11 second

The 2018 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSF) Beijing Summit will be held in Beijing from September 19th to 21st. There will be more than 100 global influence academicians, Nobel laureates and scientists, close to global business leaders and Chinese politicians. 600 people gathered together, is the feast of the interaction of 100,000 digital platforms around the world! The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the peak of China's new era of ecological civilization construction ideas!

The summit will create a number of “Global Sustainable Development – Industry-University-Research Joint Bases”; promote and promote sustainable development best practices and brands; promote sustainable development policy applications and recommendations for key industries to provide UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Demonstration and path of think tank and industry development.

For the WSF2018 Beijing Summit to be held in September to provide best practices representing China's science and technology and sustainable development in China, Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. is scheduled to hold "Silicon Nanotechnology" in Beijing China Science and Technology Hall on the afternoon of August 26, 2018. Bio-New Materials Technology" think tank expert consultation meeting, research on the technological innovation and industrialization route of "diatom nano bio-new materials", and promote the project's policy and technology support and intellectual support for development model.

Shenzhen Zhaoli Energy Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center is a research and development institution founded and led by Mr. Wang Zhaokai, an academician of the National Academy of Engineering, introduced by the Shenzhen Municipal Government Peacock Project. The company takes diatom farming technology industrialization as its core business and is committed to developing high-yield breeding technology for open diatoms. Based on this, the company has developed technologies for marine microalgae energy, bio-environmental protection, biomedical applications, etc. A number of national patents are internationally leading in diatom farming technology. 

The company is committed to creating high standards of open diatom breeding technology and industrial application of various technical routes, and establishing a technological innovation system for “production, study and research” originating from diatom breeding.

IGEA think tank "diatom nano biomaterials technology" to develop counterpart experts: 

Liu Yanhua, State Council Counselor, former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Green Association Senior advisor to the family committee 

Zhou Changyi Director of Raw Materials Division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Sha Nansheng, Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 

Mei Jianping, Deputy Director, Department of High and New Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology

Ma Rong Deputy Director, Department of Environmental Protection, Development and Reform Commission

Zhu Jianwu Deputy Director, Department of High Technology, Development and Reform Commission

Liu Hongzhi Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology Standards, Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Feng Zhiyong Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Li Shumin, Deputy Director, Fisheries and Fisheries Administration Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Deng Jihai Executive President of International Green Economy Association

Wang Wentao, Director and Researcher, Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Wang Yuhua, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Fosong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cong Wei Professor of the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Gao Yahui Professor, Xiamen University 

Cai Jun Professor, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 

Mi Jiaoli Professor, Beijing University of Science and Technology 

Yang Guowei, Professor, Zhongshan University 

Ji Hongbing, Professor, Zhongshan University 

Guan Junzheng Professor of Zhejiang University 

Li Li Professor, China Agricultural University 

Jiang Qi Professor, South China University of Technology 

Chen Meng Professor, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 

Yuan Huilin Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology 

Tang Shanfa Professor of Yangtze University 

Chen Hongxiang Professor, Wuhan University of Science and Technology 

Yuan Weiqun Professor, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor 

Fang Mingming, Professor of Aerospace Academy 

Xue Xinsheng Professor-level senior engineer of CNOOC Research Institute 

Zhang Baoli Professor-level high-tech diatoms of CNOOC Changzhou Coating Research Institute

Research field expert 

The convening of this conference will promote the “diatom nano biomaterials” technology of Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center into the national strategic emerging industry science and technology innovation key project. I wish this meeting a complete success!

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