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An expert consultation meeting on the topic of diatom micro-nano biomaterials project of Zhaokai Energy Engineering Research and Development Center was held in Beijing

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On the afternoon of August 26, 2018, the Green Think Tank Expert Consultation, hosted by the International Green Economy Association and featuring the diatom micro-nano biomaterials project of the Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center, was held in the China Science and Technology Hall. Deng Jihai, Executive Chairman of the Green Economy Association, presided over the meeting.

Liu Yanhua, former deputy director of the State Council, former deputy director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Zhaokai, academician of the US National Academy of Engineering, Wang Yuhua, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, vice chairman of the Chinese Algae Society, Qi Yuzao, chairman of the United Nations Government Marine Commission-International Ocean Research Council China Committee, Deng Jihai, executive director of the International Green Economy Association Bitao, Director of the Department of Regulations and Standards of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Zhou Changyi, Director of the Raw Materials Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Pi Jianhua, Director of the Industry Coordination Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, Han Wei, New Industry Division of the High Technology Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Research on Raw Materials Industry of the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute Director Xiao Jinsong, Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Researcher Wang Wentao, Director of the Farmers Daily, Sanmin Development Research Center, Yang Jiudong, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Research, Peng Chao, and Chairman of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. Liu Hong, More than forty experts and professors from some of the well-known colleges and universities in various fields of diatom application and some representatives of enterprises attended the meeting to deeply study the technological innovation and industrialization route of "diatom biomaterials" and promote project policy and technology support. And development model Intellectual support.

At the meeting, Academician Wang Zhaokai, an academician of the American Academy of Engineering and the chief scientist of the Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center, first reported the diatom micro-nano biomaterial project. From the origin and development process of diatoms, as well as the comparison of foreign research plans, the outdoor cultured diatom technology is described. This technology can provide a large amount of basic raw materials for industrial applications through outdoor large-scale breeding of diatom frustules. It is the only energy production. Bio-derived nanomaterials.

Chairman Liu Hong gave a detailed introduction to the whole eco-industrial chain of diatom from four aspects: diatom culture, diatom water, deep processing of diatom and comprehensive application of diatom shell, and listed the diatom shell in aerospace, military, aluminum. Widely used in many industries such as alloys, coatings and rubber.

Finally, the demonstration and promotion of diatom culture and the scale, the industrialization path and related support policies of diatom micro-nano biomaterials in various application fields and the recommendations for diatom industry projects are the focus of this consultation. Guide expert professors to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions.

Under the auspices of Chairman Deng Jihai, experts and professors from all walks of life exchanged ideas on the research and development and application of diatom micro-nano biomaterials, and carried out a variety of brainstorming around the three previous issues.

Academician Wang Yuhua gave advice on the green development of diatom farming to promote agriculture and the application of diatoms in the field of coatings, as well as the improvement of diatom breeding efficiency and yield through the combination of information technology and industrial technology.

Subsequently, the leaders of the ministries and the experts and professors took turns to make a speech. Professor Yang Chunhong from the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed the cultivation of diatoms by screening method, and proposed the training of materials as the target; Peng Chao, Agricultural Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs The deputy director, the director of the Farmers Daily, Sansong Development Research Center, Yang Jiudong, and other ministries and commissions, respectively, from the relevant national policies and research directions of various departments, gave detailed explanations on the industrial application and scientific research value of diatoms. Sexual opinion. Experts and professors who started to speak by Prof. Chen Genfu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also briefly explained and applied suggestions on the application of diatom micro-nano biomaterials in their fields from different fields of their own research.

After in-depth discussion by experts, Liu Yanhua, former vice minister of the State Council and the former vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, made a final summary of the meeting. Minister Liu Yanhua believes that the whole industrial chain of diatom is divided into three steps. The first step is to supply the material. The second step is to start and maintain the diatom industry. The third step is extensive development and application. That is to say, from the scale farming to the scale production, the focus will be on the most easy industrial application of diatoms, rapid industrialization, economic support for the long-term development of the enterprise, and further comprehensive development. At the same time, Minister Liu Yanhua hopes that Taili Energy can make detailed plans, formulate short-term, medium-term and long-term actions, and carry out the next step in three aspects: seeking national projects, policy support, and integrating relevant industries into relevant government tasks.

Through this special consultation meeting, with the advice and support of experts and leaders, the future development direction of Taili Energy's diatom micro-nano biomaterials project and the company's next work focus will be more clear, and effectively promote the project to quickly achieve industrial applications. To play the value of diatoms in various fields. At the same time, it will also realize the use of agricultural methods to solve industrial problems and solve the problems of industrial materials.

Teli Energy is committed to building diatom biomaterials and pure hydrocarbon biodiesel based on diatom culture, diatom water antibiotic extraction, diatom oil extraction (raw oil for pure hydrocarbon biodiesel), diatom protein processing and diatoms The comprehensive industrial chain of industrialization and utilization of shells is an integrated ecological industry chain, which makes due contributions to the sustainable development of mankind.

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