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World Summit on Sustainable Development 2018 (WSF) Beijing Summit and \

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On the morning of September 20, 2018, supported by the United Nations Sustainable Solutions Network (UNSDSN), the World Economic Forum, World Economics Forum, co-sponsored by the Green Economy Association, the University of International Business and Economics, and the Swiss Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Group (MDPI AG) The Sustainability Forum (WSF) 2018 Beijing Summit (WSF2018 Beijing Summit) was opened in Beijing, China. The summit was based on the theme of “New Era, New Momentum – Jointly Advancing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals”. More than 500 scholars and business enterprises from more than 20 countries around the world attended the conference, focusing on the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), conducting exchanges and discussions in non-political and non-governmental forms, and exploring various disciplines and industries. Sustainable development solutions are shared and promoted to the global industry, academia and research community through the UN Sustainable Development Network platform.

At the same time, the opening ceremony of the summit held a high-end talk on “sustainable development and high-quality economic growth”. Experts and scholars from home and abroad, leaders from the ministries and representatives of the industry, and professor at the University of International Business and Economics and Director of the Center for International Economic Ethics Research, Mr. Liu Baocheng Under the auspices, a high-end dialogue was held.

In China, the bio-industry is a strategic emerging industry, and the new technological revolution led by biotechnology is accelerating. A major breakthrough in biotechnology is gestating and spawning a new industrial revolution, and research and development of biomaterials is increasingly becoming a research hotspot in scientific research. First, foreign developed countries have taken biomaterials industrialization as a new economic growth point. In recent years, China has increasingly attached importance to biomaterials, using abundant biomass resources to develop environmentally friendly and recyclable biomaterials, maximizing the replacement of plastics, replacing fossil resources, developing circular economy, building resource conservation and environment. A friendly society is of great significance.
Therefore, on the afternoon of the same day, the 2018 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSF) Beijing Summit Sub-forum - "Biomaterials and Sustainable Development Forum" was held in parallel in Beijing. The forum was jointly organized by Thale Energy and its subsidiaries.

Academician of the American Academy of Engineering, Chief Scientist of Teli Energy, Wang Zhaokai, Professor of China Agricultural University, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Yuhua, former Director of the National Bureau of Family Planning and Administration, Liu Dezhu, Vice President of the National Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy Wang Hongguang, China Science and Technology Innovation Intellectual Property Research Center Director Wang Xiaogong, Executive Chairman of International Green Economy Association Deng Jihai, Chairman of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. Liu Hong, Beijing Taili Jinghong Science and Technology Research Institute Dean Ma Fei and Peking University Professor Meng Hong, Beijing University of Science and Technology Professor Mi Zhenli, etc. More than ten experts and professors and representatives of some enterprises attended the meeting and discussed in depth the comprehensive application of diatom micro-nano biomaterials and the sustainable development of green energy.

Deng Jihai, Executive Chairman of the International Green Economy Association, first gave a pre-conference speech. President Deng Jihai pointed out that diatom farming is an agricultural production of industrial raw materials, which is an important foundation for high-tech and industrial applications, and also a field of sustainable development. The most representative industry. Diatoms have a wide range of applications and have great development prospects in the future.

Academician Wang Zhaokai gave a keynote speech on diatom. From the origin of diatom cultivation to the development process, the status quo of research and development of diatoms at home and abroad was expounded, and the advanced nature of diatom breeding technology of Zhaokai Bioengineering Research and Development Center was explained in detail.

Chairman Liu Hong gave a detailed explanation of the deep processing and comprehensive application of diatom in his speech. Chairman Liu Hong said that diatoms are an agricultural project from breeding. Through cultivation of diatoms, oils and fats (the most important source of future raw oils) and proteins can be obtained. The diatom shell is a nano-scale silica material that can be used as a natural high-purity industrial material with outstanding improvements in the natural environment. Diatom culture can solve the human food problem in agriculture and solve the human demand for energy. It is a sustainable development strategy in the true sense.

Subsequently, the experts and professors of the conference conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the sustainable development of the green energy industry, the prospect of the diatom eco-industrial chain, and the comprehensive application of diatom micro-nano biomaterials.

Academician Wang mao hua said at the meeting that through the in-depth research and technological innovation of diatom micro-nano biomaterials, the replacement of biodegradable plastics into the industrialization of traditional non-degradable plastics can be realized, and the increasingly serious white pollution problem can be effectively and completely solved. At the same time, diatom can be used as a very good feed after large-scale breeding to promote the sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Wang Xiaogong, director of the Innovation Intellectual Property Research Center of Zhongke, said that the large-scale cultivation of diatoms is to achieve aquaculture through industrialization. Through industrialization technology and physical agriculture technology, the diatom breeding industry can be better promoted. Next, we will fully cooperate with the academician Wang Zhaokai to support the efficient development of the entire industry with large-scale farming technology, and do a good job of diatom + (diatom addition) to promote the development of diatom related industries.

Subsequently, Professor Liu Zhaohui from the Institute of Science and Technology Innovation and Development of China Science and Technology and Professor Zheng Naizhong from Peking University also fully affirmed the technical feasibility of increasing the yield of diatoms on the basis of large-scale farming from the macro and micro perspectives.

Experts and professors from various fields attended the conference to provide professional and high-level advice and insights on the application of diatom micro-nano biomaterials.

Finally, Vice President Wang Hongguang of the National Institute of Development Strategy of the Ministry of Science and Technology made a meeting and concluded that every new development in materials science has changed human life and promoted social progress. As a leading international high-tech technology, the diatom micro-nano biomaterial project has great significance for China's material field. The related problems in diatom culture and diatom micro-nano biomaterials have been basically solved, but how to apply it has a long way to go. It needs a good strategic map of diatom industry. It must start with large-scale and good-efficiency projects. While maintaining the international leading position in diatom micro-nano biomaterial technology, the diatom industry will enter a virtuous circle as soon as possible.
The conference focused on the application of sustainable green green energy, diatom eco-industrial chain and diatom micro-nano biomaterials, and discussed the application of diatom culture technology and diatom shells in new materials. At the same time, focusing on industrial representative projects, we have discussed how diatom micro-nano biomaterials can move towards sustainable development.
The conference discussed the specific directions for the research teams that jointly developed the diatom micro-nano biomaterial project with Thale Energy. The next step will be to quickly start the specific application research of diatom in various fields and promote the diatom micro of Thale Energy. The biomaterials project has taken a new step and promoted the diatom eco-industry to move forward faster and better.

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