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Terry Energy was awarded the 2018 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSF) Beijing Summit

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September 19-21, 2018, the World Sustainable Development Forum “2018 World Sustainable Development Forum” co-sponsored by the United Nations Sustainable Solutions Network, the International Green Economy Association, the China University of International Business and Economics, and the Swiss Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Group (WSF) Beijing Summit was held in Beijing. Sha Zukang, Honorary President of the Green Economy Association, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech.

As the world's exclusive new energy company with patented technologies for pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and new technologies for diatom farming, deep processing and integrated application, Teli Energy has made outstanding contributions to the exploration and practice of biomaterials and sustainable development. At the invitation of the conference, Liu Hong, Chairman of Taili Energy, acted as an entrepreneur representative at the conference, and held high-end talks on sustainable development and high-quality economic growth with experts and scholars at home and abroad, leaders of ministries and representatives of the industry, and attracted participants. highly anticipated.

At the same time, the conference awarded Teli Energy's diatom micro-nano biomaterials “Sustainable Development International Research Institute for Demonstration Base”; and awarded the honorary title of “Sustainable Development Best Practice Enterprise” by Teli Energy. The former UN Under-Secretary-General and Honorary President of the International Green Economy Association Sha Zukang personally awarded the license to Chairman Liu Hong.
Thale Energy's diatom micro-nano biomaterials project has been jointly developed by Thale Energy to develop diatom micro-nano biomaterials project through the discussion of many top experts and professors at the Summit Biomaterials and Sustainability Forum. The research groups have defined the specific direction, and then the specific application research of diatom in various fields will be launched quickly, and the diatom micro-nano biomaterials project of Teli Energy will be pushed to a new level.
At present, the diatom culture technology of the Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center of Taili Energy has obtained “a method for treating adsorbents and heavy metal wastewater for heavy metal wastewater treatment” and “reactor for outdoor culture of microalgae” “silicon” A number of patented technologies, such as algae culture open reactors and their breeding methods, are world leaders in diatom application technology.
The World Sustainable Development Forum has been held for seven times and entered China for the first time this year. The forum focused on various key issues in various fields, discussed and explored a number of “sustainable development-best practices”, explored the “sustainable development-global industry-university-research joint base”, and discussed and promoted “clean energy heating, Sustainable development policy applications and recommendations in industries such as renewable bio-nanomaterials and green agriculture, and work together to promote new kinetic energy under the framework of sustainable development goals, with high-end smart collisions across regions and cross-disciplines, and multi-functional, Multi-dimensional economic cooperation to jointly promote the 2030 global sustainable development goals.

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