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Zhong Nanshan: If the residual pesticides are not controlled, so go on, the Chinese will not be able to give birth to children in 50 years!

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-10-30 11:39:47 Read: 1244 second

Famous scientist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhong Nanshan shouted:

If the residual pesticides are not controlled, so go on, and the Chinese will not be able to give birth to children for another 50 years! China has been using pesticides on a large scale for more than 20 years. The proportion of pesticide residues in Chinese vegetables exceeds the national standard is 22.15%, and the proportion of over-standard in some areas is 80%. The US Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that more than 92 pesticides can cause cancer and 90% of pesticides can cause cancer. Cancer caused by the poisoning of residual pesticides, congenital malformed fetuses, congenital stupid fetuses, bisexual children, nervous system disorders, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive tract diseases, etc., can be seen everywhere.
First, the harm of residual pesticides to children
1. Residual pesticides make the mother who wants the child not pregnant with the baby.
According to statistics, there are currently one pair of infertility in every couple in China, which is 3% higher than 20 years ago. Medical experts have found that the average number of sperm in Chinese men is only over 20 million, compared with more than 60 million in the 1940s. Residual pesticides are one of the main causes of infertility in more than 10%.
2, residual pesticides to pregnant with the baby's mother abortion, stillbirth or birth deformed children
Residual pesticides have been recognized in the world for miscarriage, stillbirth and fetal malformations in pregnant women. A large number of statistics show that women's exposure to pesticides during pregnancy, the incidence of abortion, premature delivery, stillbirth and congenital malformation increased significantly, pesticides can cause congenital malformations, congenital stupid and other structural or functional abnormalities. Severe fetal development can be completely stopped, abortion, premature delivery or stillbirth.
Contamination of pesticides can cause a decline in male fertility and can cause cancer and other visceral damage.
Because children are in the growth stage, cells that grow rapidly are more susceptible to carcinogenic pesticides than cells that are still more mature than adults.
At present, the rate of neonatal malformation exceeds 5%, and the number of new deformed children in the country has exceeded 1 million per year. Xinhua News Agency reports that in Chongqing alone, more than 700 newborns suffer from hypospadias each year. The external genitalia is like a female. It is characterized by genital malformation and loses sexual function and fertility after adulthood.
And the number of newborns like this in the country is close to 200,000 every year. According to the survey data, among the 40% to 50% of children with leukemia in rural areas in China, the cause or direct cause of the disease is chemical substances including pesticides.
3, 3 parts per million of residual pesticides will cause brain development disorders in children before 7 years old
The main organ of organochlorine pesticides is the brain system with the brain as the core, causing abnormal brain and mental development, showing symptoms such as slow response, low mental retardation, and sluggish expression.
Organophosphorus pesticides prevent the transmission of nerve signals, leading to nervous system dysfunction. Children who are poisoned are hyperactive and difficult to concentrate. IQ is generally 70-90. Speech IQ and obstacles to graphic cognition are difficult to distinguish. .
The experiment found that when the concentration of organochlorine pesticides added to human cells was 3 parts per gram of body weight, the synthesis of proteins that promote brain development almost completely ceased, and the brain could not develop.
Japan found that children's intelligence tests affected by PCB contamination were 7 points less than normal children; scientists at Michigan State University found that children who were contaminated with PCBs had an average IQ score of 6 points lower than normal children after 11 years. .
Studies by Professor Yu Gang and Professor Huang Jun of Tsinghua University show that children who are contaminated with organochlorine pesticides in China have three manifestations, light weight, small head and low intelligence. Their cognitive ability is worse than average children at 7 months. Time reading and writing and memory are poor, IQ is low at 11 years old, and reading, writing, calculating and understanding skills are relatively poor.
4. Residual pesticides can harm the growth and development of children before the age of 16.
Environmental hormones (also known as exogenously interfering with endocrine chemicals) are recognized worldwide as the leading culprits of abnormal growth and development of humans and organisms.
Among the 70 environmental hormones identified by international organizations, there are 40 pesticides, accounting for about 60% of the total number of environmental hormones.
5, causing precocious puberty in children
The menarche of Chinese girls has been advanced from the average age of 14 years ago to about 10 years old.
The four-year-old girl's breasts are almost completely mature, and the 5-year-old child has menstruation. This phenomenon is seen every day in various children's hospitals across the country.
Precocious puberty causes the body to grow in advance, but more than half of the final height is less than 150 cm.
Second, the harm of residual pesticides to adults
Usually, a small amount of residual pesticides are consumed, and the human body will degrade itself (here only refers to non-toxic and highly degradable pesticides allowed by the state). It will not suddenly cause acute poisoning, but long-term consumption of agricultural products with residual pesticides will not be cleaned. Human health brings great harm. The main hazards in this area are:
1, leading to decreased body immunity
Long-term consumption of vegetables with residual pesticides, pesticides can be distributed to the synapses and neuromuscular junctions after being absorbed by the blood, directly damage the neurons, causing the central nervous system to die, resulting in decreased immunity of various organs of the body. For example, frequent colds, dizziness, palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc. are the case.
2, may cause cancer
Chemical substances often contained in residual pesticides can cause cancer in cells in various tissues.
3, increase the burden on the liver
Residual pesticides enter the body, relying mainly on the liver to produce enzymes to absorb these toxins for oxidative decomposition. If you eat fruits and vegetables with residual pesticides for a long time, the liver will work constantly to break down these toxins.
Long-term overload work can cause some dry liver lesions such as cirrhosis and hydronephrosis. I have talked about these contents in the last article, but I only talked about the problem of hepatomegaly. I didn't have the heart to talk about it thoroughly.
4, leading to gastrointestinal diseases
Because the stomach wall of the digestive system of the gastrointestinal tract is more folds, it is easy to contain poisons, so residual pesticides are easily accumulated in it, causing abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, and nausea.
For our bodies and for our children and grandchildren, please stay away from the dangers of toxic vegetables!
Vigorously develop biological pesticides to solve the problem of pesticide residue
There is a common sense that everyone understands that the excessive use of chemical pesticides will not only increase production costs, but also affect the quality and safety of agricultural products and the safety of ecological environment. More importantly, it will cause serious hidden harm to human health. How to solve the problem of pesticide safety, it is a good idea to replace the original chemical pesticide with biological pesticides.
Let me talk about what is a biological pesticide. Biological pesticides are certain types of pesticides derived from natural substances such as animals, plants, bacteria and certain minerals. For example, rapeseed oil and baking soda have the role of insecticides and have been considered as biopesticides. Simply put, the human body has an immune system that can resist foreign substances such as viruses and bacteria and is not harmed by itself. For the same reason, natural, non-synthetic drugs are used to resist pests, fungi, bacteria, and no damage to plants and no residue.
The main advantages of biological pesticides compared to traditional chemical pesticides are:
1. Biological pesticides are generally less toxic than traditional pesticides.
2. Strong selectivity, they only work on the target pests and a few organisms closely related to them. It is harmless to humans, birds, other insects and mammals.
3. Low residue and high efficiency. A very small amount of biological pesticides can perform at a high efficiency, and it usually decomposes rapidly. Overall, the environmental pollution caused by traditional pesticides is avoided.
4. It is not easy to produce drug resistance.
5. As a component of the IPMP integrated pest control project, it can greatly reduce the use of traditional pesticides without affecting crop yield.
Biological pesticides are mainly divided into three types:
1. Plant-derived bio-pesticide has become one of the first choices for green bio-pesticide due to its advantages of easy degradation and pollution-free in the natural environment, including plant-derived insecticides, plant-derived fungicides, plant-derived herbicides and plant photoactivation. Mold and so on.
2. Animal-derived biological pesticides mainly include animal toxins such as spider toxin, wasptoxin, and silkworm toxin. Insect virus insecticides have been widely used in the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Japan and India. There are more than 40 insect virus insecticides registered, produced and applied internationally.
3. Microbial Sources Biopesticides are biological agents that use microorganisms or their metabolites to control agricultural harmful substances.
Biological pesticides do not pollute the environment, do not poison humans and animals, do not harm natural enemies, and do not induce the emergence of drug resistance. They are highly effective, low-toxic, low-residue "no pollution" pesticides that are currently being promoted.
At the beginning of 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture of China formulated and promulgated the “Action Plan for Zero Growth of Pesticide Use by 2020”, and advocated “strongly promoting the application of bio-pesticide, high-efficiency, low-toxicity and low-residue pesticides to replace high-toxic and high-residue pesticides.”
In foreign countries, Japan, as one of the most stringent countries in the world for pesticide residue standards, must have used bio-pesticide all the vegetables that had been planted many years ago.
This is enough to illustrate the importance of reducing and reducing the use of chemical pesticides.
At present, Taili Energy is also committed to the research and development of biological pesticides. Its Jiangxi Bio-Pesticide Technology Co., Ltd. is the use of tea saponin to produce bio-pesticide, which is a plant-derived bio-pesticide. The product has the following characteristics: non-toxic, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, environmental protection, etc. It is harmless to the human body, has no toxic residue, and has no pollution to the environment. It is a typical green environmental protection product, and its process and formula are the first in China.
In order to protect the environment, improve the safety of agricultural products, and prevent hidden dangers to human health, the application of biological pesticides to replace chemical pesticides is undoubtedly the best choice. In 2017, the global biopesticide market value is estimated at US.9 billion, and is expected to reach US.7 billion by 2022, a compound growth rate of 15.4% over 2017. It can be seen that traditional pesticides are also being replaced by biological pesticides, which is of great significance both to the development of science and technology and to the development of human beings themselves.
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