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How much do you know about safe, environmentally friendly and efficient bio-pesticides?

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-11-30 16:58:55 Read: 1362 second
In recent years, agricultural products with excessive pesticide residues such as “Poisonous Green onions” and “Poisonous Kidney Beans” have cast a shadow on food safety. Pesticide residues of vegetables and fruits have been receiving public attention. The abuse of chemical pesticides has continued to reduce people’s agricultural products. believablity. Under the trend of consumption upgrading, the demand for green organic agricultural products is increasing. With the green development of agriculture becoming the main theme, high-toxic and high-residue pesticides are continuously restricted and will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, and environmentally-friendly biological pesticides will rise. Respected by the industry, the future prospects are expected.
Let me talk about the development of the pesticide industry:

In 2017, the global population will be approximately 7.55 billion. In 2030 and 2050, the population will increase to 8.551 billion and 1.772 billion, respectively. At the same time, in recent years, the area of arable land in the world has been maintained at around 1.4 billion hectares. Due to factors such as urbanization and industrialization, the growth of arable land in the future is extremely limited. The arable land area is tightened and the agricultural farming mode is limited. The change, the increase in purchasing power and the improvement in living standards are the expected growth drivers for the pesticide industry. Driven by the continuous population growth, the global pesticide industry still has a large room for development. The global pesticide market value is expected to increase to US.13 billion in 2019. From 2014 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate is expected to be 6.9%.

China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of pesticides
With the deepening of the global division of pesticide production, China has gradually become the main production base of pesticides and one of the world's major pesticide exporters with a full range of cost advantages and increasingly mature technological advantages. About 70% of the global market is pesticides. The original drug is produced in China, and China's pesticide products are exported to more than 180 countries. The market covers Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Europe. In 2016, China exported a total of 1.40 million tons of pesticides, an increase of 19.16% year-on-year, and the export value was 3.708 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.63%. In 2017, the quantity and amount of pesticide exports in China were 16.3 million tons and 4.764 billion US dollars, respectively, and continued to rise.
According to the data analysis, the demand for pesticides is still rising, but with the triggering of a series of pesticide residue hazards, it has to cause the relevant departments of the country to improve and pay attention to the pesticide industry.
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that the construction of ecological civilization is the millennium of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. It is necessary to establish and practice the concept of green mountains and green mountains, which is the concept of ecological priority and green development. In 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture passed the “Action Plan for Zero Growth of Pesticide Use by 2020” to put forward specific requirements and targets for the prevention and control of crop pests and diseases in China, and strive to achieve zero growth in total pesticide use in 2020.
At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture encourages pesticide companies to research and develop high-efficiency and low-toxic biological pesticides, shorten the test period, simplify registration procedures, and protect natural enemy organisms from registration. At present, the annual output of bio-pesticides in China has reached nearly 300,000 tons (including the original drugs and preparations), accounting for about 8% of the pesticide production. The coverage rate of biological pesticides is nearly 10%.
“Domestic chemical pesticides play an important role, but environmental pollution, pest resistance, and serious violations of agricultural products and food pesticides are becoming more and more serious. The development of biological pesticides is the need of the times.” Deputy, Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Director and biopesticide expert Qiu Dewen said.
The replacement of some chemical pesticides with biological pesticides can greatly reduce the negative effects of chemical pesticides on the ecological environment, the quality and safety of agricultural products and the construction of ecological agriculture, and is conducive to the development of modern agriculture and the promotion of green and sustainable development of agriculture. As a large agricultural country, China will have a very large development prospect and space in the face of such a large demand for pesticides.
So, what are the advantages of bio-pesticide compared to chemical pesticides?
Chemical pesticides directly kill pests through chemical substances. At first, pests will die quickly, and later they will develop resistance and become more tenacious pests. In order to kill them, people have to increase the amount of medication, which creates a terrible vicious circle. This is also the main reason why there have been frequent news reports that pesticide residues in agricultural products have exceeded the standards in recent years.
Biological pesticides mainly use the insecticidal, disease-preventing and growth-promoting functions of certain special microorganisms or metabolites of microorganisms. Its effective active ingredients are completely present and derived from natural ecosystems. Its greatest feature is that it is easily decomposed by sunlight, plants or various soil microorganisms. It is a kind of material circulation that comes from nature and belongs to nature. Therefore, they can be considered safe and pollution-free to the natural ecological environment.

Bio-pesticide is also beneficial to protect natural enemies, maintain ecological balance, reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases and the use of pesticides. Most of them do not have a safe interval, and there is no need to worry about excessive residue. It is a reliable pesticide for high-end agricultural products, and the market prospect is very broad.

And biological pesticides have the incomparable advantages of chemical pesticides:
1. Human and animal safety: Biological pesticides come from nature, most of them are low-toxic, or slightly toxic, not easy to cause phytotoxicity to users, and relatively safe to use.
2. Product safety: Bio-pesticide is easy to decompose, it is not easy to pollute vegetables, the quality of the produced vegetables is guaranteed, and the safety is safe. For example, the bio-pesticide pyrethrin used to control greasy insects and small black fly can be decomposed after being exposed to sunlight for three days. .
3. Targeted: Most bio-pesticide is highly selective and only effective against the pests being controlled, and will not harm bees, birds, insects, fish and the environment. In addition, viruses and sexual attractants only work on the corresponding pests and diseases.
4. Weak resistance: Bio-pesticide uses natural substances to control pests and diseases, and it is not easy to produce drug resistance. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the problem of rotation.
5. Cost-effective: Bio-pesticide is generally used in the early stages of pests or diseases, and can be controlled by using a small amount of bio-pesticide, thus saving costs and cost-effective.
Biological pesticides have the advantages of safety, no toxic side effects, and no pollution to the environment. Vigorously developing bio-pesticide has become an inevitable trend. In the next few years, five highly toxic chemical pesticides, which account for about 70% of China's pesticide use, will be withdrawn from the market and replaced with low-toxic biological pesticides. Data show that biopesticides are expected to increase to .8 billion in 2022.
At present, bio-pesticides are growing rapidly on a global scale, and the growth rate far exceeds that of traditional chemical pesticides. China keeps up with international trends, faces the international advanced commanding heights, solves the country's major needs, actively organizes research and creation of biological pesticides and healthy plant protection, seizes the commanding heights of world agricultural science and technology competition, and has cultivated a large number of high-quality and high-efficiency bio-pesticides new products. .
With the limited use of high-level pesticides and high-residue pesticides and the increase of government supervision, as well as the improvement of farmers' safety awareness, people have already seen the development prospects of bio-pesticides, especially in recent years, people have gradually realized the biological The important role of pesticides in controlling pests and diseases. It is believed that more and more people will know and accept biological pesticides in the future. It is believed that bio-pesticide will create a broader development space for production enterprises while ensuring food security and human health.
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