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Visiting and researching the Taili Energy Diatom Breeding Base, led by the Department of Industry and Transportation of the Research Office of the State Council

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-12-12 16:59:08 Read: 1332 second

On the morning of December 11, Tang Yuan, Director of the Department of Industry and Transportation of the State Council Research Office, Professor of Jinan University, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Algae Society, Qi Yuzao, Wang Xiaogong, Dean of the Jiangxi Institute of Scientific Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Jiangxi Institute of Science and Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Zhaohui and other parties visited the Thale Energy diatom breeding base to visit and investigate. Liu Hong, Chairman of Taili Energy, Wang Zhaokai, Chief Scientist of Taili Energy, and Ma Fei, Dean of Beijing Taili Jinghong Research Institute, accompanied the company.

During the inspection, Director Tang Yuan visited the diatom pool and base laboratory being cultured, and listened carefully to the diatom culture introduced by Academician Wang Zhaokai and Dr. Zhang Jiangtao, and gave a detailed understanding of the current status and related applications of diatom breeding.

Subsequently, Duan Xiaowei, director of the Economic and Trade Bureau of Shenzhen Dapeng New District, hosted a symposium in the conference room of Dapeng New District Management Committee. Wang Jiliang, member of the Dapeng New District Party Working Committee and concurrently the director of the New District Comprehensive Office, and Lei Yunfei, Director of the Integrated Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center of Dapeng New District, also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Liu Hong first introduced the diatom application industry chain. Chairman Liu Hong mentioned that the diatom industry is a new topic in the world, and the diatom shell is a natural biological grade nano-scale platform material, which is an indispensable one in the future high-tech field. Materials. Taili Energy has established a research institute in Beijing, and has absorbed a number of top talents in related fields to conduct special application research and development for diatoms. The next step will be to increase the technical content of the Dapeng breeding base, and at the same time rely on this technology to solve the problem of freshwater algae.

Chairman Liu Hong finally expressed his hope that Dapeng New District will continue to support the diatom industry and give more support and help. Boost the project as soon as possible to achieve industrialization, and make great breakthroughs in the application of basic materials and the improvement of basic materials for Shenzhen and the country.

Prof. Qi Yuzao elaborated on the characteristics and innovation of diatom culture from the perspective of diatom professionalism. And said that the diatom project is a forward-looking project. According to the investigation, the large-scale outdoor breeding technology of diatom is currently the world leader. If the industrialization is successful, the prospect is very broad. The future will be a business card of Shenzhen and even China.

Director Tang Yuan said in his speech that the visit to the Taili Energy Diatom Breeding Base is a very important research. The diatom project is a breakthrough of the subversive core technology for the country and solves the problems in many fields in China. And a series of follow-up industrial applications brought by large-scale cultivation of diatoms are of strategic significance to the country.
Director Tang Yuan also said that from the marine aquaculture, algae powder extraction to further deep processing, the technical route has been fully opened, and it is a real project. At the same time, relevant suggestions for the next application plan of the diatom breeding project are put forward:
First, use the relevant advantages of the Dapeng area to achieve industrialization based on industrialization experiments. In Dapeng construction industrialization model demonstration base, and develop an industrialized system compatible with diatom culture, form a national standard model that can be replicated, and further improve the large-scale industrial application of diatom.
Second, the state is currently strongly supporting the establishment of industrial parks, and Shenzhen is a fertile ground for innovation and experimentation. According to local conditions, it is recommended to expand the industrial application after the establishment of the industrial application test base of diatom shells in Dapeng, and establish a diatom breeding and follow-up industrial characteristic park to provide power for the next development of Shenzhen.

At the same time, Director Tang Yuan also stated that he will submit a research report on diatom series to relevant state departments according to the investigation, and strive to promote the large-scale development of diatoms in policy.

Director of the Dapeng New District Party Working Committee and Director of the New District Comprehensive Office Wang Jiliang said at the end of the meeting that the experience and inspiration of the meeting were summarized into six words: welcome, thanks, and service.
First, warmly welcome all experts and professors to Dapeng to be a guest.
Second, I would like to thank the experts for sorting out an industry chain. The new district government also hopes to cultivate more industrial supply chains, and cultivate some specialized enterprises in the supply chain of the industrial chain to promote the industry to the high end. The diatom industry conforms to the eco-industrialization of the general secretary Xi Jinping and the concept of industrial ecology. It is also in line with the “Three Islands and One District” (Ecological Island, Life Health Island, International Tourism Island) established by Dapeng New District in 2011. The strategic positioning of building a world-class coastal eco-tourism resort.
Third, as the new district government, it will actively serve. Next, we will do a few things: First, actively cooperate with the service of raising the diatom industry into a national strategy; second, conscientiously implement Shenzhen's policy on industrial talents in the Dapeng New District; third, create a good industrial innovation and market operation environment; Fourth, in accordance with the problem-oriented, active docking, do our utmost to make the industry stronger and bigger, and achieve diversification.

Teli Energy has established a number of diatom research projects, and has established cooperation with hundreds of domestic universities to jointly research and develop the industrial application of diatoms. At present, it has achieved good results in all aspects.

On the same day, Director Tang Yuan and his entourage also visited the National Gene Bank of Shenzhen and had a certain understanding of the national genetic project.
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