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Interpretation of the difference between pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and traditional biodiesel

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-01-03 10:43:27 Read: 2140 second
The concept of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel is proposed by Terry Energy. At present, Teli Energy is also the exclusive company in the world with the core patent technology of pure hydrocarbon bioenergy. For the world's leading technology, the previously pushed articles also mentioned relevant knowledge, but today we will elaborate on the characteristics of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and what is the essential difference with traditional biodiesel.
Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel is a kind of bio-liquid fuel produced by Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. using its parent company Taili Energy's patented technology, and has completely independent intellectual property rights.
The technology uses waste oils and fats such as waste oil and acidified oil as the main raw materials, and adopts a unique catalytic deoxidation and hydrorefining production process. Using nano-molecular sieves as catalysts, the self-designed catalytic deoxidation special equipment is used to convert macromolecular oils into catalytic and deoxidizing, decarboxylation, decarbonylation and isomerization reactions. Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel with the same chemical composition of diesel. And all physical and chemical indicators such as condensation point, density, viscosity, cetane number meet or exceed the requirements of national standard VI diesel.
The main features of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel are:
1. This production process can not only maximize the use of thermal energy, but also flexibly adjust the diesel grade according to market needs while ensuring maximum liquid recovery. In addition to producing pure hydrocarbon biodiesel with good low temperature flow performance, it can also selectively crack the paraffin-based kerosene required for the production of short-chain C10-C14 jet fuel and produce high-quality heavy liquid paraffin.
2. Its product is 100% hydrocarbon (pure hydrocarbon) and does not contain fatty acid methyl ester.
3.100% alternative to petro diesel direct diesel engines, not limited by the blending ratio.
4. All quality indicators meet or exceed the national standard VI diesel requirements.
5. The calorific value is 15% higher than traditional biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester).
6. The power performance is better than 40% of petrochemical diesel (more than 70 cetane number); it can be used directly as diesel fuel, and it can be used as a cetane number improver.
7. Environmental emission: no sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, heavy metals, aromatics, olefins, etc., the overall harmful emissions are reduced by about 70%.
8. Environmentally friendly production: no secondary environmental “three wastes”; pure hydrocarbon biodiesel water has a hazard rating of 1, while conventional diesel water has a hazard rating of 2.
9. Environmental protection of raw materials: waste animal and vegetable oils and fats as raw materials.
10. Renaissance Energy is the only company in China that processes processed animal and vegetable oils and fats into biodiesel that directly meets the national VI diesel standard.

The following is a detailed description of the essential difference between pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and traditional biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester) through a detailed set of product performance comparison tables:

It can be seen from the table that the production process of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel is essentially different from the production process of traditional biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester). Generally speaking, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel converts waste animal and vegetable oil into the same form as crude oil straight-run and cracked with petrochemical diesel by catalytic deoxidation, and then produces pure hydrocarbon biodiesel with the same composition as petrochemical diesel by petrochemical refining process. Due to different raw materials and pre-processes, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel is superior to the most stringent national six diesel standard in terms of core indicators.
The traditional biodiesel is a fatty acid methyl ester or ethyl ester formed by esterification of waste animal and vegetable oils with methanol or ethanol. The physical and chemical properties of fatty acid methyl esters are very similar or even better than diesel, but the chemical composition is different. Compared with traditional petrochemical diesel, although it has the characteristics of clean emission reduction, it is not without its shortcomings. For example, in the production process, waste alkali and acid liquid emissions will be generated, which will cause certain pollution to the environment, and the current traditional biodiesel only Can be mixed with petrochemical diesel in a certain proportion to enter the market.
Therefore, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel can be said to have more significant characteristics and advantages based on the advantages possessed by conventional biodiesel, and can be used directly without mixing.
The raw materials of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel are all renewable energy (animal and plant waste oil, waste oil, palmitic acid oil, etc.). Therefore, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel can also be called "planted oil", which is a green organism. clean energy.
At present, Zunxin Energy can not only produce pure hydrocarbon biodiesel, but also pure hydrocarbon bio-gasoline and petroleum liquefied gas. In the future, the pure hydrocarbon bioenergy series products can completely replace non-renewable petrochemical energy products and become the main energy supply and demand. In addition, while achieving clean, environmentally friendly and pollution-free effects, it can achieve sustainable development of China's energy, and is bound to lead a revolution in the energy sector.
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