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Terry Energy 2019 Planning Meeting was successfully held

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On the morning of January 9, 2019, all participants attended the Dapeng Diatom Breeding Base for a visit. During the visit, the director of the national expert and director of the Taili Expert Advisory Committee - Director Cheng Zhenhua put forward constructive opinions on the energy consumption of diatom aquaculture: using the superiority and particularity of the geographic location of the breeding base, helping to control the temperature through the water lifting and wind photovoltaic system , drying and other issues, reduce equipment operating energy consumption, control costs.

On the afternoon of January 9, Taili Energy held the 2019 Taili Energy Planning Conference after the 2018 Taili Energy Year-end Summary Meeting in the Vienna Hotel Conference Hall in Shenzhen Dapeng New District. The main content of the meeting was made by the heads of various branches of Taili for the work plan report of 2019, and the company executives made important speeches.
In order to better enhance the comprehensive strength of Terry Energy in 2019 and clarify the work objectives, the heads of various branches of Thale Energy have made a 2019 development planning report at the meeting:

General Manager of Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center - Zhang Jiangtao:

Dr. Zhang Jiangtao's work plan for the diatom breeding project in 2019: 1. Independently develop the equipment that is most suitable for the actual production of algae shells; 2. Reform and optimize the algae shell preparation process, and strive to provide better diatom powder And test materials; 3. Improve base equipment, reduce energy consumption, control production costs; 4. Recruit more talents in chemical, diatom farming and automation research.

Dean of Taili Jinghong Research Institute - Ma Fei:

Dean Ma Fei's 2019 work plan on diatom industrialization and application: 1. Research and development of diatom powder extraction technology; 2. Research and development of diatom extraction and separation technology and thermal hydrolysis technology; 3. With universities The research team continued to promote the comprehensive application research of diatom micro-nano biomaterials; 4. Developed the standardization technology of diatom micro-nano biomaterials.
At the same time, combined with work in 2018, according to work needs and arrangements, promote the application of the "blue granary" project in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas.

Wang Xiaogong, Dean of Jiangxi Zhongke Science and Technology Innovation and Development Research Institute:

Dean Wang Xiaogong made a 2019 plan for freshwater cultured diatoms: it was proposed in three stages: the first stage, the preliminary work was completed, and the diatom selection level was specifically implemented; the second stage, the core technical process was carried out in Shangrao. Research and development, strive to complete the standardized process technology and key equipment for standardized production in September; the third stage, complete industrialization and industrialization.
Throughout 2019, the Shangrao Freshwater Algae Team hopes to achieve four basic elements: 1. Building a good algae species; 2. Forming an effective industrialization of equipment processes; 3. Having a robust R&D center; 4. Realizing a large-scale industry Turn.

Vice President of Taili Jinghong Research Institute - Yang Shaoyu:

Vice President Yang Shaoyu made a work plan for the electric drive car in 2019: set up his own intelligent talent team, develop the fourth generation of military vehicles, and hope to realize an electric drive demonstration prototype by the end of the year.

General Manager of Taiyu Weishi Technology Co., Ltd.:

Professor Yan Huazhong made a 2019 plan for sharing VR: plans to open online and offline through three channels, the first channel: the new retail concept of smart cabinets, the sharing of VR cabinets in the community (already placed), airports, stations, etc.; The second channel: the hotel, the system is ready, ready to launch. Third, establish your own broadcasting platform, place orders online, and deliver one kilometer. The pilot test was completed in 2019.

Terry Energy General Manager - Zhou Li:

General Manager Zhou Li made a plan for Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Project: It plans to determine the entire plant construction plan in March (the technical plan has been re-adjusted, staffing, cost control are optimized, investment amount is reduced, profit margin is improved.), strive for 2019 The construction was completed and put into production.

▲Terry Energy Senior Consultant - Song Jing made an important speech at the National Assembly

Senior Advisor of Song Jingguo made an important speech at the meeting and focused on the plan to amend the company's confidentiality code: the focus of the company's management lies in the management of scientific and technological talents. The implementation and application of each project must be rigorous and standardized, and the issue of confidentiality system is also very important. The company should refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the State Secrecy Law to formulate and improve relevant confidentiality agreements and codes.

▲Terry Energy expert advisory committee director - Cheng Zhenhua made an important speech
In an important speech at the meeting, Director Cheng Zhenhua stressed that Taili’s launch of this unprecedented career has to remember four sentences:
First, people's livelihood is the first politics. The starting point of Terry is for the Chinese people.
Second: Innovation is the first driving force. Thale's development is based on innovation, and innovation is our fundamental source of power.
Third: Development is the top priority. Only development can survive.
Fourth: Talent is the first resource. Focus on the cultivation of talents.
For the development of enterprises, it is necessary to build a long-term mechanism of four-wheel drive. The engine is technological innovation. The four wheels are marketing, capital operation, industry incubation, and application demonstration.
For internal management, we should use dialectical thinking to see problems and eliminate formalism and bureaucracy. Taili is a science and technology industry, and the team must have a rigorous and precise scientific attitude.

In response to corporate goals, Taili must be specifically made into a green industry and an ecological industry with Chinese characteristics.

Chairman Liu Hong said in the final summary of the planning meeting that in 2019, the company should find the key points, grasp the key points and highlight the key points. The company is relying on technological innovation today, but in the process of a large number of technological innovations, it must also seize Focus on industrialization. Therefore, in the 19 years of work, we must take three steps and highlight three key points:
First, Jiangxi Zun innovative energy construction project. Establish an optimized design plan, speed up the construction, and strive to become the first entity project of Taili to achieve profitability.
Second, the diatom application project. The entire group worked together to build two demonstration demonstration production lines for micro-nano biomaterials after the establishment of cathode materials and diatoms in Dapeng New District.
Third, other sections of the company. Establishing core competitiveness is always ready to serve as the most explosive support point for the Taili Group.
At the same time, Chairman Liu Hong also stressed that from research to industrialization is not to publish a paper, to find a breakthrough. When the company engages in scientific research, it must be calm, down-to-earth, and take a hard breakthrough. It can't be a high-tech flag, and the world's first slogan. If the project is not industrialized and there is no landing, the development of the enterprise will still be difficult.

2019 is a very important year for the company. All personnel must play the spirit of 100,000 points, because it is more critical than 2018, 2018 is orientation, and the project is scheduled to be settled in 2019. The company must realize the industrialization of two sectors. key point. I hope that all the staff will work together to make the company a leader in the field of energy and new materials!

On the evening of the same day, Taili Energy held the 2108 Taili Energy Annual Dinner. The dinner was very strong. At the dinner, Chairman Liu Hong once again affirmed and thanked the efforts and achievements of all the staff in 2018, and at the same time spurred the future.
Looking back, the road is full of Fanghua, looking forward to the new road.
When the wind and the waves break, there will be time to hang the clouds and sail the sea!
New starting point, new journey!
A pleasant surprise


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