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The International Green Economy Association's "2019 Member Conference and Council Meeting" was held in Beijing from January 17-18, 2019. As the annual wind vane in the sustainable development of the industrial and commercial sector, more than 300 people from the three major councils of the Green Association think tank, finance and industrial and commercial enterprises attended the meeting, listened to the annual work report of the Green Association Council and the outline of the 2019 work plan, and grouped them. Discuss and suggest the development of the Green Association.

As the vice president unit of the International Green Economy Association, Thale Energy was invited to attend the meeting. Chairman Liu Hong was invited to attend the meeting.

The conference organized authoritative politicians and visionary business leaders to promote the mainstreaming of the green economy with an open platform, professional focus and forward-looking perspective. With high-end resources focus and pragmatic attitude, we will analyze the spirit of the latest policy of green development in China, showcase and share the best practices of sustainable development in the industrial and commercial sector, and judge the situation and path of green development in various industries in the year, and revitalize the economy for the new year. Develop a combination of wisdom and strength, and strive to create a "wind vane that leads China's green economy development."

At the same time, the meeting took stock of the outstanding problems and classic cases of high-quality development in various industries in 2018, demonstrated the best practices of green innovation, judged the economic situation and development model in 2019, established and launched cooperation in a series of major areas, optimized the development model, and co-aggregated forces. Towards the track of high quality development in 2019.

The conference also commended the representatives of the 2018 Green Association Council for their outstanding contributions. The “Green Leadership Event of the Year” and “Building and Sharing Achievements” were the main indicators, and 12 representatives from think tanks, finance and business enterprises were awarded. The title of "2018 Green Association Council Annual Contributions" promotes the two prominent labels of the "Green Front Runner" and "Building and Sharing" of the Green Association Council. Chairman of Taili Energy Liu Hong was awarded the title of "2018 Green Association Council Annual Contribution Person" at the meeting. The former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Honorary President of the Green Association Sha Zukang presented the awards to the winners.
As a leader in the green biotechnology industry, Thale Energy has always adhered to the path of green sustainable development. Through continuous innovation, it will industrialize green biotechnology and fundamentally solve the future of food safety, energy crisis, basic materials and resources. As the vice president unit of the International Green Economy Association, Thale Energy hopes to co-agerge with more green enterprises, seek common development, and march towards a green and high-quality development track, making important contributions to China's green economy development.
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