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Staff style: respecting the construction of innovative energy talent team

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-04-03 17:31:50 Read: 5363 second
General Secretary Xi Jinping once emphasized in Shanghai's inspection speech: "The merits are talented and the industry is wide." Talent is the first resource for innovation. Without the talent advantage, it is impossible to have innovation advantages, technological advantages, and industrial advantages. We must give full play to the role of existing talents, and at the same time take the talents of the four parties and choose the talents of the world.
Since its establishment, Tseri Energy's subsidiary, Zunxin Energy, has introduced a number of senior experts and engineers in the field of green energy industry and petrochemical industry, forming a technology research and development, transformation of results, engineering design, project construction, production and operation. Efficient management of echelon and R&D team, with strong R&D experience and strength. Up to now, 9 senior engineers have joined Zundhuang, and the company's talent team is constantly improving.

1. Introduction to the engineering team:

Professor Wang Anjian, senior consultant of the company: graduated from East China University of Science and Technology, majoring in petroleum refining, former general manager of CNOOC Hainan Oil and Gas Company, deputy commander of China Sea Asphalt Sichuan Company, manager of R&D center of CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Company, graduate tutor and professor of Huizhou Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, petroleum Senior expert in the chemical industry.

As the former CNOOC executive, Professor Wang Anjian has very rich experience in process technology, production management, enterprise management and project management. In the future, in the project construction, company management, personnel training and other aspects will provide important assistance for the Chuangchuang, and will inject CNOOC's advanced project construction, enterprise management, talent training and other experience into the Zhuangchuang, to promote Zunchuang to advanced enterprises Step forward.

▲ Equipment engineer Zhang Guangdong explained equipment knowledge on site

Equipment Engineer Zhang Guangdong: Graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Shandong Light Industry College, member of the Communist Party of China, engineer. The former person in charge of Hengyuan Petrochemical Equipment, the director of the workshop, the deputy general manager of the branch office, and the manager of the project department participated in the on-site command and management of six large-scale refining and transformation projects and new construction projects.

▲ Instrument Engineer Liu Yande trains new students
Instrument Engineer Liu Yande: Luoyang Petrochemical Design Institute graduated from instrument automation, member of the Communist Party of China, engineer, former director of Hengyuan Petrochemical Instrument Workshop; original instrument supervisor of Shandong Rizhao Chenxi Group Expansion Headquarters, former deputy chief engineer of Linyi Huachao Chemical Co., Ltd. Also the director of the electromechanical instrument workshop.
Cui Shihai, a process engineer: graduated from refining, the former director of Hengyuan Petrochemical Workshop and the dispatcher, and the former Zhongjian Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. process engineer. He has presided over the formulation of a number of equipment expansion and transformation and technological transformation programs, and has made outstanding contributions to energy-saving renovation and safety production.
Laboratory Engineer Zhang Hongying: Shandong Chemical Technology Institute graduated in chemical analysis, senior laboratory technician. Former Deputy Director of Quality Inspection Department of Hengyuan Petrochemical; former director of the laboratory of Shandong Rizhao Chenxi Group, former director of Quality Inspection Environmental Protection Center of Linyi Huachao Chemical Co., Ltd.
Civil engineering engineer Qian Yongfa: The deputy mine manager of the former Dexing Jinshan Gold Mine, focusing on infrastructure construction, participated in the civil construction, supervision and completion acceptance of the main municipal projects in Dexing City.
Analytical Engineer Lin Weiguo: Tianjin Institute of Light Industry (now Tianjin University of Science and Technology) graduated from the Department of Inorganic Chemical Engineering with a bachelor's degree in engineering. He was the director of the laboratory and analysis room of the former Zhuozhou Fentang Chemical Plant. He presided over the development of corresponding analytical methods and product enterprise standards. After self-employment, it is mainly engaged in the management and production management of fine chemical products.

Electrical engineer Cui Xuewen: former chief of the Navy Electromechanical Sergeant, former director of Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Electric Department, once presided over the electrical construction engineering installation work of three large chemical new, modified and expanded projects.

▲ Security Engineer Yao Gang (below left) Safety Knowledge Training
Anhua engineer Yao Gang: Lanzhou Petroleum Institute graduated from petroleum, registered safety engineer, former production dispatcher and process technician of Nanning Ningxia Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd., and production minister of Ningxia Xinjie Energy Co., Ltd.
These engineers with many years of experience and work experience have joined the company to invigorate the project construction, team building and enterprise development.
The so-called "the terracotta warriors have not moved, the grain and grass first", respect the innovative energy in order to better improve the overall management level of the enterprise, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, strengthen and enhance the staff's ability, and achieve the purpose of the project is completed. Since May 2018, under the leadership of these engineers with many years of work experience, systematic training and teaching of new employees has been carried out, and the study results test has been organized in stages to ensure that each student becomes a qualified student. Respect people.
The energy and chemical energy field is safe and trivial. The watering event that just happened recently is deplorable and worth pondering. For every chemical practitioner, solid professional knowledge, personal safety awareness, and sense of responsibility, through continuous training and intensive study, form a rigorous work habit and work attitude. Make sure that you can do everything from small things to details, and create a safe and stable production and working environment.

2. Staff training moments:

▲ "Atmospheric and Vacuum Process Flow" Training (June 2018)

▲ The fourth stage of the "Basic Knowledge of Measurement" exam (July 2018)

▲ The fifth stage of the "Basic Knowledge of Refining Equipment" (August 2018)

▲ Training on the Dynamic Principle of Regulating Valves and the Selection Principles of Regulating Valves (September 2018)

▲ "Working Principles and Types of Temperature Transmitter" Training (March 2019)
As a talent team, the company has always adhered to the concept of “emphasis on ability, theory and action” and adhered to the training mechanism of “discovering talents, cultivating talents, upgrading talents, and promoting talents”. Continue to open up the promotion channel for employees, and provide opportunities for talents who are talented, capable, capable, and able to endure. We can provide the talents of all kinds of talents to the maximum extent, so that each employee can gradually realize self-development goals and life values with the development of the company, and strive to provide powerful human resources for building a world-class new energy company. support.
This is the company's first batch of energy project talents. With the development plan of the company to the national and global layout, it is believed that we will welcome a group of talents to join, and these talents will also promote the development of Terry Energy faster. farther.
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