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Terry Energy unveiled the 2019 Beijing International Trade Fair

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On May 28, the China International Service Trade Fair opened in Beijing in 2019. Cai Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, read the congratulatory letter from President Xi Jinping to the General Assembly, indicating that the development of service trade has broad prospects and great potential, and emphasized to the international community that China is committed to a higher level of openness and a firm support for the multilateral trading system. Attitudes and hopes to deepen cooperation in investment in services trade with the rest of the world, jointly promote the prosperity and development of global service trade, and lead the direction of world economic development.

Hu Chunhua, Vice Premier of the State Council, inspected the pavilion and delivered a keynote speech. Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan delivered a speech. Beijing Mayor Chen Jining and Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan presided over the meeting. Nearly 500 domestic and foreign guests, including ambassadors to China, representatives from Hong Kong and Macao, representatives from provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and well-known entrepreneurs attended the summit.
With the theme of “openness, innovation, wisdom and integration”, the Beijing International Trade Fair will set up a total of 165,000 square meters of exhibitions and hold 246 forum meetings and negotiation activities. A total of 137 overseas countries and regions participated in the exhibition; 86 countries and regions held exhibitions. 98 of the 131 countries that signed the "One Belt, One Road" cooperation document with China, participated in the conference, and the top 30 countries and regions in service trade, and 14 countries that signed a memorandum of service trade cooperation with China all participated in the conference. Foreign trade associations and institutions participated in the exhibition. 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and 5 separate cities and Shenyang cities will participate in or participate in the conference; 9 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities such as Hebei and Beijing will hold theme days and special events.
▲ Teli Energy Exhibition Stand-5A Pavilion Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Zone
From May 28th to June 1st, Taili Energy participated in the Beijing International Trade Fair-2019 Green Technology and Environmental Service Exhibition as an exhibitor, and exhibited “Biomaterials from aquaculture” and “Bio-planted oil”.

▲ Leaders of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps visited the Taili Energy Exhibition Hall
On the afternoon of the 28th, Zhong Bo, deputy commander of the Xinjiang Corps, led a team of more than a dozen divisions of the Corps to tour the Green Technology and Environmental Service Exhibition. A number of leaders visited the Taili Energy booth, and Chairman Liu Hong explained the diatom eco-industrial chain and its various applications.

▲ Beijing equipment department leaders visited the Taili Energy booth

▲ Professional purchasing group visits Taili Energy Exhibition Stand

▲ Foreign guests visit the Taili Energy booth
As a leader in the green biotechnology industry, Thale Energy has been committed to promoting innovation and flourishing in the green biotechnology industry since its inception. Based on the open-scale cultivation of diatoms, a complete diatom ecological industrial system will be built. In particular, diatom micro-nano biomaterials, as the best bio-platform materials, provide new impetus for the development of technological applications in various high-tech fields. The strategic layout of diatom farming, pure hydrocarbon bioenergy as the core business and diatom deep processing industry application as the innovative business was established.
As a green biotechnology company that combines agriculture and industry. The company hopes that through the on-site demonstration of the diatom eco-industrial chain, everyone can understand the beauty of the application of the diatom industry more clearly and intuitively.

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