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Talent Construction and Respect for Innovative Energy Has Been in Action

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-07-31 09:03:50 Read: 1518 second

In the fierce market competition, if an enterprise wants to achieve long-term development, it must be supported by talents, technology, information and resources, of which the quality of talents plays an immeasurable role in the development of the enterprise.

Jiangxi Zun Innovative Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zun Innovative Energy), a subsidiary of Terry Energy, has received continuous praise and attention from the industry since its establishment. The company has always attached importance to the cultivation of outstanding talents and insisted on long-term professional training for each new student in order to speed up the construction of human resources and provide fresh blood and backbone for the development of the company.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his "tools". Professional training enables new trainees to have face-to-face communication with senior engineers with many years of experience, learn from each other's weaknesses, suit the remedy to their own shortcomings, learn from work experience and skills, strive to avoid detours, combine work with practice in the future, and continuously improve their comprehensive ability and professional quality.

Experienced senior engineers conduct long-term systematic training and teaching for new trainees from different aspects and levels.

The main contents of this training include: safety production knowledge, systematic theoretical knowledge (including basic knowledge of chemistry, chemical industry, oil products, refining machinery and equipment, electricians and instruments), training and conventional legal knowledge, etc. The training also includes a comprehensive explanation of the company's future strategic planning and development goals, and ideologically encourages the trainees to carry out self-work orientation as soon as possible, establish clear career planning and direction, set up long-term life goals, and strive to shine on the platform provided by the company and realize self-value. At the same time, it also enhances employees' confidence in the company's future development.

In terms of production system, respecting innovative energy has been adhering to and emphasizing the principle of safety first. As an energy and chemical enterprise, in addition to professional knowledge training, it is also necessary to vigorously cultivate the safety work style of employees, which is steady and accurate. To ensure that employees start from small things, start from details, form strict working attitudes and habits, and establish personal safety awareness and responsibility awareness. 

In terms of management system, respecting innovative energy always adheres to the principle of "putting people first". It has absorbed and introduced many highly skilled talents. Through absorbing various suggestions, it has gradually improved the talent cultivation and construction plan to provide a platform for every employee to develop and create life value. With the development and growth of the company, I believe more and more talents will join in respecting innovative energy and strive with the company to grow together.

 Company Message: No enterprise likes people who lack learning ability, and no enterprise is willing to spend a long time waiting for "pupa to change into butterfly". Only by taking the initiative to learn at work, continuously improving themselves and becoming the talents that enterprises really need can they become competitive!

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