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Biodiesel | Like a Magic Child Of Nezha

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At present, the most popular movie is "The Devil Child of Naraku Descending into the World". The highest score is 9.7 points, and the box office has reached the 3 billion mark. Even if you haven't seen it, you will still be strongly recommended by your relatives and friends.  Although Naruhito in the movie is a magic child, he still retains a kindness.  Although it is not accepted by people, it hides a touch of tenderness.  Although defiant, she is eager for love and friendship.  But today's main character is biodiesel, which shares the same fate with Nazha.

"The prejudice in people's hearts is like a mountain. You can't move it no matter how hard you try." Shen Gongbao's words in the movie are the finishing touch of the movie. The reincarnation of the "magic pill" child is the embodiment of evil in the eyes of the world. It is discriminated from birth and lives in the prejudice of others.

Just like biodiesel, it has been criticized for its quality, production technology, application and industrial policies. It is difficult to further promote it, which restricts the development of biodiesel industry. It is very difficult to open up the market.  However, the production equipment and supporting facilities of Jiangxi Zun Chuangxin Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Terry Energy, are very complete. Using waste animal and vegetable oils such as gutter oil as raw materials, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel with the same composition as petrochemical diesel is produced by catalytic hydrodeoxygenation technology, which can be used on any engine and has a leading production process in China.

"Other people's opinions are bullshit. You are the only one who decides who you are. This is the reason my father taught me." In the movie, Naruhito woke up at the end of the day because of his parents' love. He put aside his worldly thoughts and tried to be himself. He saved Chen Tangguan's people and proved himself.

Also like biodiesel, although controversial, is a typical "green energy" with good environmental protection performance, good engine starting performance, good fuel performance, wide source of raw materials, renewable and other characteristics.  Vigorously developing biodiesel has important strategic significance for sustainable economic development, promoting energy substitution, reducing environmental pressure and controlling urban air pollution.  The pure hydrocarbon biodiesel produced by Zun Chuangxin Energy is even more outstanding. Its core index is superior to the national VI diesel standard. It does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons and olefins. It has no pollution and carcinogenic substances during use. The emission of sulfur dioxide and sulfide is reduced by more than 90%.

"My life is up to me. It's up to me whether I am a demon or a fairy. It's up to me to decide." The words of Nezha pushed the whole movie to a climax. Nezha had no way to change his background, but he was able to firmly believe in himself and decide what kind of person he was.

Just like biodiesel, as an emerging industry for only more than 10 years, China's biodiesel industry is obviously "inherently deficient", which is mainly due to the lack of basic research before the industry started, the serious lack of various basic data, and the backward oil preparation process.  Terry Energy has brought together many high-tech scientific research talents at home and abroad, continuously explored and innovated, and has successfully won the patent for pure hydrocarbon bioenergy. Through the review organized by experts from national appraisal institutions, it is unanimously agreed that the production of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel by catalytic deoxygenation process is the first at home and abroad, reaching the international advanced level.

"If fate is unfair, fight it to the end." Three years later, Lei Jie was fated to fight with life, even if his last incarnation was destroyed.

Just like biodiesel, some people always think that the biodiesel industry is not long-term, which is probably the most common anxiety in China's biodiesel industry.  "A single spark can start a prairie fire" biodiesel has a long way to go. Terry Energy Do not forget your initiative mind aims to build a world-leading green biotechnology company, adheres to the innovation and development of the green biotechnology industry, speeds up the pace of production, and gives back to society with various outstanding achievements.

Not to resign is not only the fate of all, but also the fate of biodiesel. It is also Terry's mission to lead the innovation of green industry with scientific and technological strength and promote economic and social development with enterprise strength. Terry is at the beginning of his life and his energy resources are endless.  Develop green biological industry and create a better life in the world.
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