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Equity Plan | Begins with Staff Loyalty to Strategy Longer than System Becomes Management

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-08-13 14:06:35 Read: 1509 second

If the company is a search ship, then the employees are the crew of the ship. Whether the ship returns with full load or runs aground depends on whether all the crew are in the same boat. The development of an enterprise requires the joint efforts of all the staff. Just as a ship needs all the crew members to carry out their duties and cooperate with each other in order to reach its destination smoothly. How to make the crew (ship) and crew (crew) think in one place and work hard in one place? This is what the boss, the "steering hand", needs to think about!

 In order to solve this problem, improve the incentive mechanism of the company, further improve the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, promote the continuous growth of the company's performance, bring value-added benefits to employees while improving the company's value, and realize the common development of employees and the company, terry energy proposed a stock option incentive plan. 

On the afternoon of August 9, 2019, deputy general manager Rao yuxin and other relevant personnel from the investment and finance department, personnel department and finance department participated in the meeting. Rao Yuxin, deputy general manager, stressed that the stock option incentive plan is embodied in the following three aspects: 

The first is to establish a medium-and long-term incentive and restraint mechanism for the core employees of the company, to closely link the interests of the incentive target with the company's value, to keep the behavior of the incentive target consistent with the company's strategic objectives, and to promote the sustainable development of the company. 

Second, through the introduction of this plan, we will further improve the company's performance appraisal system and compensation system to attract, retain and motivate talents needed to achieve the company's strategic objectives. 

The third is to establish the concept of continuous development of employees and the company and the company culture. 

The participants from all departments actively discussed, put forward their own opinions and suggestions for the employees in different departments and positions who meet the requirements, raised objections to the unclear expressions in the incentive plan, and proposed improvement plans for the imperfect ones in the incentive plan, so as to pool wisdom and seek to maximize the benefits between the company and employees. In order to ensure that the stock option incentive plan is implemented in advance, the senior management of the company checks at every level and fully discusses it so as to be fair, open and impartial. 

Starting from employees, loyal to strategy, lasting for a long time than system, and becoming management are the basic elements for each company to become bigger and stronger. Employees are the foundation of enterprise development. Enterprises are the stage for employees to play. Employees should establish correct values, unify the realization of personal values with the survival and development of enterprises, and unify the personal value orientation with the value orientation of enterprises. At the same time, the system construction of enterprises, especially the construction of incentive mechanism and culture construction, should also be more humane and scientific, give more warmth and care to employees, and provide broader space for the realization of personal values of employees. In this way, you give me warmth and strength, and I reciprocate with passion and creativity. The company's sustained development, personal growth and lively operation will gradually take shape, and both enterprises and individuals will be able to blossom and bear fruits.

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