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Focus on the Construction Site of Innovative Energy

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-08-20 18:00:00 Read: 1432 second
Although it is autumn now, the lingering influence of midsummer is unwilling to recede. the burning sun seems to have no influence on the outdoor workers. accompanied by the incessant welding noise, lifting noise and mechanical roar, let's look at the civil construction site of Jiangxi zun innovative energy co., ltd. (fully invested and built by terry energy, the enterprise is located in Xiangtun vulcanization industrial park, Dexing city, Jiangxi province, and plans to invest 1.1 billion yuan in three phases, with a construction area of 102.55 mu and a construction area of 68366 square meters).

Civil engineering is one of the important components of an enterprise. The quality of the project is directly related to the future development of the enterprise and the protection of its interests, so good on-site management becomes the top priority.  Civil construction site management is a complex and systematic work. In order to ensure the orderly progress of civil construction, the company will focus on the site management in two aspects: quality and safety. While improving the construction quality, the company will reduce and eliminate the occurrence of major safety accidents.  The company has always insisted on putting the interests of its shareholders first, taking into account the win-win situation between the company and the cooperative builders.

As the first model factory owned by terry energy, since this year, the company's senior leaders have attached great importance to key project work and established and improved the working contact mechanism for the members of the leadership team. the project work has been carried out early, firmly and tightly, showing the characteristics of high project start-up rate and fast completion progress.

The company has increased its leadership, strengthened its work force, established and improved a series of working mechanisms such as project generation, preliminary stage, approval, promotion and guarantee. According to the requirements of the company for the promotion of key projects, the company has formulated the preparation of implementation plans for key construction projects, scheduled the completion time of key nodes of the projects, and tracked, inspected and urged them in real time.

Most of the construction sites are open-air aerial work, multi-job joint work, and large staff flow. In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure safe production, the company takes "strict management and careful implementation" as the working tone, standardizes the construction technology operation, promotes safety awareness, strengthens safety supervision, improves the engineering quality supervision organization, completes site management, improves the combination state of people, objects and sites, reduces or eliminates ineffective labor on the construction site, reduces the consumption of construction materials, reduces cost, and completes construction operations with good quality and quantity.

At present, all construction projects are proceeding step by step and in an orderly way.  The civil construction site of Jiangxi Zun Chuangxin Energy Co., Ltd. always adheres to the priority concept of safety and environmental protection, and strives for efficiency by quality, progress, high starting point, strict requirements, quality, safety, promotion and first class!
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