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The huasheng industry foundation will come to Germany to discuss

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-08-29 18:00:00 Read: 1718 second

On August 24, 2019, former First Deputy Director of the State Environmental Protection Bureau, Director of the State-level Expert Cheng Zhenhua, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Policy Science Research Association, former Director of the Research Office of the State Council, Tang Yuan, and representatives of the delegation from Huasheng Industrial Foundation visited the project site of Jiangxi Zunchuang Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangxi Zunchuang"), and held a symposium in Conference Room 5 of Yinlu Hotel. The meeting was presided over by Director Hong Zonglu of the Management Committee of Dexing Economic Development Zone, and headed by Secretary Li Hongyan of Cheng Zhenhua, Director of Tang Yuan and Huasheng Green Industry Foundation. Liu dongyi, standing Committee member of Dexing municipal Committee and minister of United front work department, director hong zonglu and chairman gu shurong of Dexing investment holding group co., ltd (hereinafter referred to as "detou"); Shenzhen Tali and Jiangxi Zun Chuang leaders Liu Hong, Zhou Li, Professor Wang An Jian and Zou Hua, deputy general manager, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Liu Hong of Taili Energy gave a detailed introduction to the strategic development of Taili Energy and the progress of the project of respecting and innovating energy to produce 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and bio-gasoline annually. He said that after the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the technological scheme, the product structure is more reasonable and more in line with the market demand, while the added value of the product has also been greatly improved.

In terms of product sales, Liu dong met with the British BP company delegation. the BP company delegation was very interested in our pilot products and offered to take a 20% stake and underwrite all our products in Europe. at present, it has entered the substantive negotiation stage. The Swiss and Dutch companies also hope to become their distributors in Europe and have signed a letter of intent for cooperation.

During the meeting, Liu dong also explained the reason for the delay of the project. in the second half of last year, four ministries and commissions in Jiangxi province issued the EIA approval procedures for suspending the chemical project, thus affecting the start time of the project. Now that the safety assessment has been completed, the EIA has received the assessment opinions from Shangrao Assessment Center, and it will only wait for the joint meeting and the director's office meeting.

Finally, Liu Dong pointed out that due to the obvious technical and economic advantages of the project and the smooth progress of financing, many companies have strong intention to invest in capital projects, but they must see the attitude of Dexing local government towards the project.

On behalf of Mayor Guo, Minister Liu Dongyi, standing committee member of Dexing Municipal Committee, welcomed Director Cheng Zhenhua, Director Tang Yuan and leaders of Huasheng Green Industry Foundation to Dexing for inspection and guidance. Minister Liu gave a detailed introduction to the project's settlement process and said that the project was highly supported and recognized by the city. He quickly opened a green channel to address the problem of blocked environmental approval. While advancing the environmental assessment progress, he also carried out construction projects below 0. After all, projects below 0 accounted for a small proportion, but still affected the progress of the whole project. Now we will wait for the EIA approval and make every effort to push forward the progress of the whole project.

Secretary Li Hongyan of Huasheng Green Industry Foundation told the meeting that Huasheng Green Industry Foundation is a national non-public charity public welfare organization approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs to support cleaner production and environmental protection in green industry. The competent business unit is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), which is dedicated to being a thinker, innovator and leader in promoting green industry construction. At present, huasheng green industry foundation has officially signed a contract with terry energy, and has begun to invest in terry energy. a special fund for terry new energy and new materials has been set up specifically for terry energy. Secretary Li said that the addition of BDI can enhance the confidence of social financing, and the project has great social benefits, low risks and reliability, and is worthy of investment and can become an investment demonstration project.

Tang Yuan, deputy secretary-general of the China Policy Science Research Association and former director of the State Council Research Office, pointed out at the meeting that China's oil imports are highly dependent on imports, reaching more than 600 million tons per year. The main channel of import is the Middle East region. In recent years, the situation in the Middle East region has become unstable due to competition for oil resources. Once the war breaks out in full, it will cause China a serious shortage of oil resources. The core index of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel produced by Zun Chuangxin Energy, a subsidiary of Terry Energy, is better than the national VI standard. Diesel engines can be directly used with 100% pollution-free, low emissions and high added value. It can be used as a national strategic energy reserve to fill this gap in the country.

Professor Zou Hua, deputy general manager of terry energy, proposed at the meeting that Germany investment and the provincial finance investment should jointly invest in the industrial fund, so that the two can play an exemplary role on behalf of the government and promote social capital investment to be matched and exchanged to form the industrial fund. The research and development of high-tech projects such as terry energy, pure hydrocarbon and bioenergy need government and social support. Now is the best time to invest in biodiesel. At present, biodiesel accounts for only 0.4% of the diesel market, which is the most depressed period in the market. Reverse investment operation, with the lowest cost and the largest market space, will become the invisible champion in the future. The current trade war will certainly continue to the oil war. The country is in urgent need of oil substitute products. Therefore, it is sincerely hoped that the local government and all sectors of society can offer olive branches and invest in capital projects.

Director Hong Zonglu of Dexing Economic Development Zone Management Committee said that the project has the support of the city. Considering that government investment is a life-long system and investment needs to follow a process, Detou can only invest in enterprises with good projects and potential for development. At present, through expert argumentation and due diligence, it is unanimously agreed that this is a good opportunity to cooperate with Terry's energy strategy as soon as possible, to use green fund as a bridge to increase investment promotion and capital introduction, and to achieve industrial fund from special fund.

Former First Deputy Director of the State Environmental Protection Bureau and Director Cheng Zhenhua, a national expert, took the humanistic development history of Dexing City as the starting point and stressed that Dexing City has great strategic significance. It is a combination of four major sectors and a red cradle. He must have a sense of urgency and transform regional advantages into economic advantages. Director Cheng pointed out through 2018 data that gutter oil is currently in high demand in various countries in terms of energy, but China's utilization rate of biomass fuel is low. Compared with petrochemical projects, this technical route is not long. Zunchuang's products have technical advantages and price advantages, with a price of 10,000 yuan per ton. If we cooperate with the aviation fuel project and even extend it further, it will be a 100 billion-level project. More importantly, it has strategic depth. It is a complete industrial chain with diatom industry (providing biodiesel raw materials) and will eventually form a trillion-level industry. The local environment has large capacity and is suitable for the development of freshwater algae cultivation projects. Taizhou, Gannan and other places put forward the hope of introducing terry bio-energy and diatom cultivation projects.

Minister Liu dongyi, member of the standing Committee of Dexing municipal Committee, expressed his approval and appreciation for director cheng's speech and reported the symposium to the leaders after the meeting. Standing Committee Liu made a summary of the meeting and gave a clear reply: 1. Environmental Impact Assessment: At present, only the environmental impact assessment process is left for the project, which needs to be approved by Shangrao Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. The secretary and mayor have no time to delay. They have met with the leaders in charge of Shangrao City and the Bureau of Ecological Environment. They will continue to follow up after the meeting and strive for an approval as soon as possible.

 2. talent problem: Jiangxi province is trying out the implementation of the "one thousand people plan" to introduce high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship.

 3. Fund problem: The government supports many enterprises. After the meeting, the government will report to the mayor, study how to operate the investment as soon as possible, explore the best mode, and put it in place as soon as possible. 

Terry Energy has always adhered to the goal of building the world's leading green biotechnology company, actively responded to the call of the state, and won the support and recognition of government units, foundations and all sectors of society. The bio-technology ecological industrial chain formed by bio-energy and diatom cultivation projects has great social benefits. It can not only fundamentally solve the energy crisis, but also provide impetus for sustainable development. Terry Energy will accelerate the pace of construction, lead green industry innovation with scientific and technological strength, and promote economic and social development with enterprise strength.

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