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The 16th China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing. Chairman Liu Hong and academician Wang Zhaokai were invited to attend the meeting.

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On September 8-9, 2019, the 16th China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of New China and pay tribute to scientific and technological workers.
Founded in 2002, the China Scientists Forum has become a national science and technology brand activity for government, industry, research and research to share innovation and seek common development. It is an important platform to promote innovation-driven development in China. As an annual science and technology innovation feast, leaders of relevant countries, relevant ministries, scientific circles and business leaders gather together to gather innovative ideas and share innovative achievements.
As a new energy company with exclusive core patent technology of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and new technologies for diatom cultivation, deep processing and comprehensive application, Tali Energy has made outstanding contributions to the exploration and practice of biomaterials and sustainable development. It was invited to attend the meeting. Chairman Liu Hong and academician Wang Zhaokai were invited to attend the meeting.
At the "Cognition, Interconnection, Cross-border Integration and Development of Science and Technology, Academician Wang Zhaokai made a special report on" Outdoor Cultivation of Diatoms and Production of Micro and Nano Materials for Algal Shells "to the special guests. Academician Wang said that through the unremitting efforts of the team over the years, he has successfully developed a unique open scale cultivation system for diatoms, forming a set of world-leading and complete technologies from low-cost diatom cultivation, diatom harvest and bio-oil extraction.  Studies have found that diatom shells with a three-dimensional network structure are mainly composed of silica (purity is above 98%), which is a micro-nano silica material and has great potential and broad application prospects in the development of fine nano materials and biological materials.
At the meeting, Chairman Liu Hong shared the scientific and technological achievements of "Green Industry Innovation and Practice" with the specially invited guests. Liu Dong first introduced the company's development prospects and strategic planning. The pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project of its subsidiary Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. attracted the attention of the participants. Liu Dong said that the pure hydrocarbon bioenergy technology was recognized as the domestic leader in last year's national review and was also one of the few in the world. Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel can be used as the national strategic energy reserve.  Many European countries are willing to underwrite our products. The company will also talk about British BP and Shell. The BP delegation is very interested in our pilot products.
Liu Dong then introduced the diatom ecological industry chain in detail. Liu Dong said that diatom ecological industry chain can not only initiate a revolution in the field of biotechnology and supplement the shortage of various high, fine and sharp materials in China, but also has a strong strategic extension, which plays a huge role in agriculture, food security, energy, environmental protection and other aspects and has extremely far-reaching significance for the sustainable development of human society.
Later, Liu Dong mentioned that the company and the south university of science and technology of china Diatom Materials Joint Laboratory were inaugurated recently, with school-enterprise cooperation, complementary advantages and win-win situation.  At the same time, Liu dong also explained in detail the establishment of terry special fund by huasheng green industry foundation.
Finally, Liu Dong expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Industrial Culture Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Huasheng Green Industry Foundation. He also expressed his high respect to the scientists, experts, scholars and researchers who have contributed to Terry's energy green biotechnology industry, such as Academician Wang Zhaokai of the American Academy of Engineering, Academician Wang Maohua of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Minister Cheng Zhenhua of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and expressed his sincere thanks to the Organizing Committee of the Chinese Scientists Forum.

Through this meeting, many enterprises and people from all walks of life can have a deeper understanding of terry energy, diatoms and bioenergy technology.  Terry Energy, as the leader of green biotechnology industry, has been sticking to the road of green sustainable development. Through continuous innovation, it will industrialize green biotechnology technology and fundamentally solve the problems of food safety, energy crisis, basic materials and resources in the future.  Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 16th Scientists Forum!
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