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The Saudi incident \"detonated\" the international energy market, and Taili Energy \"safety\"

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-09-18 15:36:14 Read: 2318 second

According to foreign media reports, in the early morning of September 14th, Saudi Arabia, 10 drones did not know how to spend the night sky, using bombs to attack two oil facilities of Saudi National Oil Company (Aramco) and causing a raging fire. The two plants process 8.45 million barrels of crude oil a day, accounting for the vast majority of Saudi Arabia's crude oil production, while Saudi Arabia's crude oil production accounts for almost one-tenth of the world's total.

The attack was the biggest damage to Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure for more than a decade, highlighting the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia, the oilfield, pipeline and port network that supplies 10% of the world’s crude oil. The shutdown of these oil fields will shake the global energy market.
The attack caused the domestic refined oil market price to rise sharply, and the wholesale and retail price difference between gasoline and diesel quickly fell. At 24:00 on September 18, the second oil price adjustment in September will be carried out. How much can the oil price rise? How long will it rise? It has become another focus of attention after the “pork price increase”.

The most important factor affecting China's oil price market is that China's oil resources are highly dependent on imports. The annual import of oil from the Middle East is as high as 600 million tons. In recent years, the situation in the Middle East has been turbulent. Once the war breaks out, China will face an energy crisis. There is a serious oil resource gap, and the country urgently needs oil substitutes as a strategic energy reserve.

The pure hydrocarbon bio-energy products such as pure hydrocarbon biodiesel produced by Jiangxi Zengxin Energy Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Teli Energy, can be completely replaced by petrochemical diesel oil by the Sinopec Testing Center. The engine can be used directly and the effective storage time is up to 5 In the year, it can be used as a national strategic energy reserve to fill the gap in the national oil resources.

In addition, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel can be combined with the diatom industry, which can be used to produce bio-type fuel oils such as diesel, gasoline and aviation kerosene. Aviation kerosene has strict requirements on calorific value, density and low temperature performance. Biotype aviation kerosene produced from diatom oil can replace conventional petroleum aviation kerosene. After the aircraft is used, it can reduce nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon emissions. Large-scale extraction of oil from diatoms can partially replace oil, and it is used as a raw material oil for pure hydrocarbon energy industries such as biodiesel, gasoline and aviation kerosene.

Teli Energy is committed to building diatom culture, diatom water, antibiotic extraction, diatom oil extraction (raw oil for pure hydrocarbon biodiesel), diatom protein processing based on diatom biomaterials and pure hydrocarbon bioenergy products. The all-ecological industrial chain of industrialized comprehensive utilization of diatom shells fundamentally solves problems such as human crisis, food safety, environmental pollution and basic materials, and provides inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development of mankind.

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