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Respect for innovative energy, create a future

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-10-08 11:36:24 Read: 1528 second

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the National Day, Mr. Liu Hong, Chairman of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. visited the subsidiary of Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zun Chuang”) to guide the work and held a meeting in the Zunchuang Conference Room. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Zhou Li, General Manager of Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd., Chief Expert Wang Anjian, Director Li Gongyi, Assistant General Manager Liu Quanhong, Engineering Manager and Equipment Manager Zhang Guangdong, Production Manager Cui Shihai, Instrument Engineer Liu Yande, Electrical Engineer Cui Xuewen, Laboratory director Zhang Hongying, quality inspection director Lin Weiguo, production technician Sun Tiansen, purchasing department manager Zhao Guangwen, quality engineer Li Dan, personnel Yu Meimei, cashier Pan Ting, machine repair Fan Shusong, operation technician Pan Xiaohong and more than 50 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Liu Hong listened carefully to the work summary and work plan of Mr. Zhou Li on the previous period, and based on the overall strategic deployment of the Taili Group, and made important instructions in light of the actual situation of the creation.

First, the EIA issue has not affected the progress of Terry. Due to the EIA issue, there was no large-scale construction on the site, but the overall development of the Taili Group is still steadily advancing and upgrading. I hope that everyone here will pay attention to the official WeChat public account of the Taili Group, and understand the latest developments of the company. From the media, let the community understand Terry and promote Terry.

Second, the scientific research has achieved remarkable results. On August 30, 2019, Taili Group and Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as: South University of Science and Technology) established a joint diatom material laboratory and conducted an academic seminar. Recently, the laboratory developed the best known currently. Waterproof material - super waterproof material, this material is waterproof and anti-corrosive, it is expected to be used in practice to solve the problem of preservative storage tank corrosion and process corrosion.

Third, people-oriented, always adhere to the construction of talent team. Taili Group always puts the construction of respecting talents and talents in an important position. Talents are the key factor for the development and progress of enterprises, and also the foundation for creating all miracles and wealth. The Taili Group can have today's brilliant achievements, and it is inseparable from the joining and selfless dedication of academicians, experts, scholars, professors and doctors who share the same values and recognize the concept of green environmental protection.

In order to motivate employees, Taili Group will implement share option incentives. The employees' shareholding and shareholding amount will be comprehensively considered through a set of rigorous performance appraisal system. Taili Group hopes that every employee can continuously enrich themselves and improve themselves. Turn yourself into a rare talent for the company and realize its value. The Taili Group welcomes talents from all walks of life to join us and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of mankind.

Fourth, the diatom ecological industry chain is the future development direction. Diatom culture - diatom separation and collection - diatom deep processing constitutes a complete diatom eco-industrial chain. The diatom eco-industrial chain can not only revolutionize the field of biotechnology, but also complement the shortcomings of various high, fine and pointed materials in China. At the same time, it also has a strong strategic extension meaning in agriculture, food security, energy, environmental protection, etc. All aspects will play a huge role and will have a profound impact on the sustainable development of human society.

At present, the diatom industry of the Taili Group has been highly valued by various ministries and commissions of the country, and has started intensive research and follow-up. We firmly believe that the diatom industry will become a national emerging strategic industry.

Fifth. Requirement for the next stage of work. The process technology and follow-up research and development capabilities of the innovative energy companies must meet the production capacity of the replication plant and completely consume the diatom oil produced by the Taili Group. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. Open up the existing process routes, make the key links perfectly connected, and optimize the process technology route.

2. As the first model factory of the Taili Group, Zunxin Energy should adhere to the high-quality, high-standard construction standards, and build it into a demonstration plant for biodiesel and the first listed company of the Taili Group to facilitate the government, The media, business associations and other organizations have received extensive attention and support, and actively promoted the integration of biodiesel into the national strategic reserve resources, making the biodiesel project a national key project.

3. Always adhere to the development concept of green and environmental protection, and do adequate prevention and emergency treatment measures for the discharge of “three wastes”.

4. Safety is no small matter. Whether it is the design process, the construction process or the future production process, we must always put safety first, minimize safety hazards, and always tighten the rope for safe production.

5. Time is tight and tasks are heavy. All employees should actively adjust their status and play a 12-point spirit to meet the next challenge. At the same time, the leaders of various departments should distribute the tasks layer by layer, pressure to conduct layers, and compact each Party responsibility.

6. Respect for the future of innovative energy must be the leading enterprise of new energy in China. As a part of the Taili Group, the Group will also inject all its superior resources into the innovative energy source.

General Manager Zhou Li deeply agreed with Chairman Liu Hong’s speech and responded accordingly:

1. In strict accordance with the requirements of Chairman Liu Hong, the company will be established as a high-tech enterprise with green, environmental protection and sustainable development, and will never produce products at the expense of environmental damage.

2. The stock option incentives will implement the Group's policy. From the actual situation, we will use the performance appraisal to speak and implement it to every employee.

3. I hope that all colleagues will gather together and work hard to create the greatest strength for the creation of the statue.

Teli's initial heart, energy is not enough! The Taili people went to the next heart and carried forward the spirit of Terry, and strived to complete the goal of the scheduled oil task in six months. We hope that the pure hydrocarbon energy products produced by Zunchuang will be sought after by domestic and foreign markets, and the diatom industry is expected to benefit mankind.

Good news and good news: The Office of the Director of the EIA has already passed, followed by the public notice period and the EIA approval. The construction of each project is proceeding in an orderly manner. I hope everyone will continue to pay attention. Thank you.

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