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Defeng City Party Secretary Guo Feng visited the innovative energy construction site investigation

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-10-08 13:43:15 Read: 1586 second

In order to supervise and promote the pace of construction of key projects under construction, in order to get the attention of higher-level government and leaders and provide corresponding policy support, on the morning of October 5, Dexing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Guo Feng used the National Day holiday time to come to Taili Energy. Subsidiary-Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zunchuang) conducts research work and provides guidance on related construction work. Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, United Front Work Minister Liu Dongyi, Vice Mayor Chen Helong, Changchangyuan, Song Xiaojun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Municipal Development Zone, Zheng Bangwu, Director of the Municipal Party Committee, Ma Faliang, Director of the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Chen Yuansheng, Director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Director of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau Li Changgen, Tang Changqing, manager of the municipal power supply company, Chen Jun, secretary of the party committee of Weizhou Town, deputy secretary of the party committee, mayor of the city, and the head of the department and the head of the department attended the event.

At the construction site of Zunchuang's annual production of 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project, Wang Anjian, the chief expert of Zunchuang, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the leaders for their arrival. He reported to the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Guo Feng on the progress of the predecessor work and the next phase of the project:

1. At present, the Office of the Director of the Environmental Assessment has been approved, and the EIA process has entered the final stage: the public announcement period and the approval period. It is expected that the main project construction and equipment foundation construction of tank production, office building and R&D building will be completed before the Spring Festival.

2. Handle all relevant government procedures in strict accordance with the approval process and actively cooperate with various government departments.

3. I hope that the government, as the leader, will promote the financing of Fangde Investment to accelerate the capital investment to form an industrial fund.

Guo Feng, secretary of the municipal party committee, listened carefully to the work report, and combined with the current project construction progress, put forward the following specific requirements:

1. The EIA has entered the final stage of the process. The focus of the work should be on the construction of the project, and strive to complete the construction work safely and efficiently, and achieve stable operation.

2. All relevant departments must fully cooperate and implement the project construction work and accelerate the pace of project construction.

3. The project is one of the key projects in our city. The key projects are an important starting point for the city to achieve transformation and upgrading and green development. The leaders of each point should strengthen the scheduling of the project and the problems and difficulties encountered in the project construction. We must find a way to give timely coordination and resolution. All relevant departmental units must take the initiative to serve as a good project. We will accelerate the pace of construction of all key projects under construction and strive to achieve early results.

Zunchuang employees have already gathered together and worked hard, and with the support of governments at all levels and all walks of life, Jiangxi Zunxin Energy Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 20 under the careful guidance and deployment of senior executives and senior leaders. The 10,000-ton pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project will surely complete the construction work with high quality and high standards within a set time, achieve stable production and expected profit targets, and make due contributions to the sustainable development of human new energy.

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