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Jiangxi Zunchuang\'s annual review of the 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project package design program expert review ended successfully

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-10-14 14:20:35 Read: 1595 second

On September 10, 2019, the expert review meeting of Jiangxi Zunchuang's annual production of 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project package design plan was held in Beijing Taili Jinghong Science and Technology Research Institute. The expert review meeting mainly includes the following contents: technological innovation. Degree and technical feasibility; technical difficulties and solutions; technical risks and control measures; market development prospects in several aspects. The conference invited a total of nine domestic first-class experts and professors in the petrochemical industry. Professor Qi Bangfeng, the vice president of CNOOC Refining and Chemical Research Institute, served as the expert leader of the jury. At the same time, the chairman and its subsidiaries of Taili Energy Liu Hong attended the meeting. Part of the company's executives.

The conference was hosted by Wang Anjian, chief expert of Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. The main topics were: a comprehensive review of the design scheme of the pure hydrocarbon biodiesel process package; and a special discussion on the main problems and solutions in the design.

The experts listened to Cui Huali of Fuhai Design Institute to introduce the project background and process package design, including design concept, main process configuration, process technology plan, equipment layout, safety and environmental protection, and consulted the design package of Teli Energy. The information, through questioning, Q&A and discussion, formed an expert review opinion.

For the technical problems encountered in the development of this project, such as chloride ion corrosion problem, fatty acid corrosion problem, circulating hydrogen CO treatment process plan problem, sulfur balance problem, catalyst life problem, etc., experts have worked hard and carried out detailed and serious Discussion, proposed a solution.

The experts also conducted a divergent and enthusiastic discussion on the risk points in the project design process, carried out risk identification and pre-judgment, and proposed design risk control measures.

The review will last for more than five hours of discussion and review. After thorough discussion and review, the experts of the evaluation expert group reached an agreement: the design of the process package design of Jiangxi Zunkhuang annual production of 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project meets the requirements of the specification, and its content is complete and detailed, the process setting and equipment design are reasonable, and the risk The identification is clear and the risk control measures are perfect, which can be used as the basis for subsequent design.

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