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Respect for innovative energy | Open a new journey of comprehensive civil construction

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Recently, the Shangrao Ecological Environment Bureau has issued a reply on the environmental impact report of Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zunkhuang) with an annual output of 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and bio-gasoline projects. The construction of the civil engineering project officially kicked off with the project ±0 or above (±0 below the civil engineering project is basically completed).

Quality assurance

In order to ensure the quality of project construction and achieve the established construction goals, the company's senior leaders have strictly checked, established a sound and reliable technical quality assurance system, equipped with corresponding quality management personnel, conscientiously implemented various quality management systems and related regulations, and formulated strict quality. Supervise and manage measures, regularly organize regular supervision meetings and civil engineering conferences, review the progress of the project, coordinate and solve problems in the construction in a timely manner; notify the quality and safety hazards of the project, and urge the construction unit to carry out rectification.

At present, the construction of the civil construction site has been completed: the foundation of the comprehensive building, the analytical test building, the central control room, the power distribution room and the guard room, the cushioning layer, the roadbed backfilling and slag compaction, and other construction projects are being carried out step by step and in accordance with the construction schedule. The table is under construction.

Seek safety with progress

While ensuring the progress of the project construction, the company pays more attention to safety and environmental protection. The construction of the project should tighten the safety rope, and set up a special safety ring group day for fire prevention, prohibition of splicing wires, wearing safety helmets, scaffolding, seat belt use, dust control and other construction safety and environmental protection issues. Grab the day, speak every day, do a good job in education and training, and prevent problems before they happen. All in all, the on-site management of the construction project is a systematic project involving all levels of enterprise management and every operator at the construction site, coupled with the long construction period of the building and many external factors, which determines the difficulty of on-site management. Big. Therefore, Zunchuang uses modern management ideas and methods to develop high-standard, strict requirements for construction site management, scientific management, institutionalized management, and safe production.

Create benefits with safety

Zunyi is the first model factory of Teli Energy. It always adheres to the development concept of Teli Energy and insists on putting the interests of shareholders first, and at the same time taking into account the win-win situation between the company and its partners. The leading group actively improved the combination of people, things and places, reduced or eliminated the ineffective labor at the construction site, reduced the consumption of construction materials, reduced costs, and strived to achieve breakthroughs in safety and efficiency.

The Zunchuang Civil Engineering Project implements the 15-word policy of “Quality, Maintenance, Safety, Cost Savings, and Benefits” to ensure a good foundation for the company to achieve global green eco-industry layout and establish an industry benchmark.
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