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Xia Yuanfeng, deputy head of the People\'s Government of Caofeidian District, Tangshan City, visited the Taili Beijing Research Institute.

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Abstract: On October 31, Xia Yuanfeng, deputy head of the People's Government of Caofeidian District, Tangshan City, and his team visited the Beijing Taili Jinghong Science and Technology Research Institute of Taili Energy. Dr. Ma Fei, Dean of Beijing Research Institute, led the expert technical team of the institute to warmly welcome the leaders of Caofeidian District and held a pragmatic and efficient cooperation and exchange forum.

In order to effectively promote the strategic layout of Shenzhen Taili Energy and accelerate the landing of industrial projects, Taili Energy was invited by the person in charge of Caofeidian Park to conduct field visits on October 12. The director of the Taili Energy Strategy Development Committee, Song Jingguo and his team, was appointed by the Caofeidian Chemical Park Management Committee. Wang Jinshan, deputy director, warmly received the reception. Director Song Jingguo and his party visited the Caofeidian Circular Economy Demonstration Zone Master Planning Pavilion under the recommendation of Director Wang. They learned about the industrial land of the chemical park and visited the No. 3 Ore Terminal.

The two sides fully communicated on the project situation in the conference room of the chemical park. The leaders of Caofeidian Chemical Park unanimously recognized the Taili Bioenergy Project and the diatom eco-industrial chain, and said that they immediately organized the project review meeting and reported the project status to the higher authorities. As soon as possible, coordinate the two-level leadership delegation of the city to return to Taili Energy and conduct more in-depth cooperation and negotiation with the senior management.

On October 31, 2019, Xia Yuanfeng, deputy head of the People's Government of Caofeidian District, Tangshan City, Shao Bin, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Jingde Caofeidian Cooperative Development Demonstration Zone Management Committee, and Zhao Haitao, deputy director of the Collaborative Development Office of Tangshan Caofeidian, visited the company. Beijing Taili Jinghong Science and Technology Research Institute, a subsidiary of Energy. Dr. Ma Fei, Dean of Beijing Research Institute, Prof. Yang Shaoyu, Associate Dean, Professor Zheng Zeyan and relevant leaders of the International Green Economy Association participated in the exchange.

Dr. Ma Fei, Dean of the Institute, introduced the basic situation of the company to the deputy head of Xia Yuanfeng and explained the “three-in-one” diatom ecological industrial chain system. The three major industries of diatom culture deep processing and comprehensive application, pure hydrocarbon bioenergy and biomaterials are mutually dependent and mutually transformed. From the comprehensive application of diatom breeding, diatom processing to diatom ecological industry, with the continuous deepening and improvement of the company's industrialization layout, the complete bio-tech ecological industrial chain is gradually forming, and the whole industry is in line with the national green, recycling and environmental protection. The development concept is also the direction of new energy and new materials industries supported by the state.

Subsequently, Dean Ma Fei also reported on the specific work of the diatom eco-industrial chain at the present stage, and the next step of work, and hopes to carry out in-depth and comprehensive industrial cooperation with Tangshan Caofeidian District to jointly promote the development of diatom industry and simultaneously play silicon. The environmental value of algae, improve the technical means of cultivating diatoms in saline-alkali soil, and contribute to the improvement of saline-alkali land, environmental construction and energy transformation in Caofeidian District.

At the same time, Professor Yang Shaoyu, the vice president of the institute, introduced the application of diatom shells in high-precision products. The diatom micro-nano biomaterials have precise structure, numerous pores, large specific surface area, high strength, good toughness and heat resistance. , insulation and other characteristics, can be applied to high-performance lightweight materials, aerospace materials, catalyst carriers and many other high-tech fields.

At the symposium, the deputy head of Xia Yuanfeng listened to the report of the diatom industry by Dr. Ma Fei, the dean of the institute, and fully affirmed the research team and scientific research achievements of the company, and gave the development of the diatom industry. Highly rated.

Caofeidian District is a hub for China's energy ore and other bulk cargo, a new industrialization base, a commercial energy reserve base, a national circular economy demonstration zone, and a Caofeidian area in China (Hebei) Free Trade Zone. The establishment of Caofeidian New District is conducive to exerting the overall synergy. It will soon make the Caofeidian New Area an important growth pole in the Bohai Rim region, the leader of the Jidong Economic Zone, the important growth point of the New Tangshan Mountain, and the “four points and one belt” of the Tangshan Bay. With a global vision and world-class standards, we will build a world-class international port and build four industrial chains: port logistics, fine steel, chemical industry and equipment manufacturing.

Deputy Director Xia Yuanfeng pointed out that the Taili diatom industry has high technology content and broad development prospects, which is in line with the needs of comprehensive development of Caofeidian District. In order to help enterprises to carry out projects in Caofeidian District, it is necessary to give full play to the value of diatom industry in various fields and promote economic cooperation and exchange between local governments and enterprises. The Caofeidian District Government will go all out to carry out overall dispatch and assist in solving the project's landing. Difficulties and problems, using the best industrial support policies, accelerate the promotion of projects, and promote the integration of industries in Caofeidian District while realizing economic benefits.

Through this investigation and research activity, both parties agreed that the future cooperation prospects are broad. This exchange has further deepened the mutual understanding between local governments and enterprises, and has taken solid steps towards realizing industrial projects.
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