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Guo Feng, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Dexing City, led the four sets of leadership teams in the city to promote the progress of the project.

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Abstract: On the afternoon of November 1, Guo Feng, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Dexing City, led four sets of leading groups in the city to the on-site dispatching guidance of key projects of Jiangxi Zundhuang pure hydrocarbon biodiesel. The senior executives and relevant department heads warmly received and cooperated with relevant work.

In order to accelerate the construction of key projects and promote comprehensive economic and social development, on the afternoon of November 1, Dexing City Party Secretary Guo Feng led four sets of leading groups to the Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Zunhuang) Dispatching Year The construction of a key project for the production of 200,000 tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel was carried out and on-site guidance. Chen Jun, secretary of the party committee of Sizhou Town, the deputy secretary of the party committee and the mayor of the investment committee, accompanied by all the senior executives and employees of the factory.

At the construction site of Zunchuang Project, Zhou Li, the general manager of Zunchuang, welcomed the arrival of Guo Feng, the secretary of the municipal party committee, and the four leading groups of the city. He gave a detailed introduction to the project of the pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project and made progress on the current project. The situation and the next construction plan were reported, and it is hoped that the government leaders will coordinate and solve the problem of matching funds and the recruitment of local personnel.

Guo Feng, secretary of the municipal party committee, listened carefully to the work report of the general manager Zhou Li, and made clear instructions based on the actual situation of Zunchuang and the problems encountered during the project construction process:

1. Reasonable planning and land use: In order to meet the construction and operation requirements of the Zhuangchuang project, and to solve the shutdown of the Jiangxi Yude fatty acid methyl ester (first-generation biodiesel) project, through the government's active coordination and respect for the takeover, through re-planning, Optimize the design and transformation, and use this project land reasonably and compliantly.

2. Recruitment work: Secretary Guo Feng instructed the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs to arrange the relevant personnel to come to the project of the direct docking personnel of the project department on November 2nd.

3. About the follow-up installation problem: Secretary Guo Feng created a special company to understand the installation of a large-scale chemical project. At that time, the government can arrange for specific communication and docking.

4. Regarding the government funding support issues: the government departments will actively promote and accelerate the investment in supporting funds for key projects.

5. It is hoped that the company will arrange the construction progress scientifically and reasonably. The government's functional departments will closely cooperate to concentrate on strengthening the docking. Under the premise of ensuring safety and environmental protection, we will seize the construction period and ensure that the project will advance in an orderly and orderly manner.

Finally, Zhou Li, the general manager of Zunchuang, said that under the care and assistance of leaders at all levels in Dexing City, under the careful deployment of the senior leadership team of Teli Energy, we will work together under the guidance of all employees to ensure the Spring Festival. Complete the main body capping project, it is expected that the prototype of the project will be seen before the Spring Festival, and strive to achieve stable and stable production as soon as possible, and accelerate the overall development of the local economy.
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