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Happy News | Terry Energy became the second member of China to participate in the APEC Energy Partner Network

author:管理员 Publication time:2019-11-04 13:46:23 Read: 1807 second

On October 11, the official website of the National Energy Administration issued the Notice of the General Department of the National Energy Administration on the announcement of China's participation in the second batch of member units of the APEC Energy Partner Network.

After the application for review, a total of 42 units including Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. officially became the second member of China's APEC Energy Partner Network. After joining the member units, Thale Energy will focus on the APEC New Energy and Renewable Energy Expert Group.

In order to bridge the ever-increasing gap between energy supply and demand, ensure the safe and smooth flow of energy transportation channels, promote energy efficiency improvement and strengthen environmental protection, China actively participates in APEC energy cooperation, actively promotes regional energy cooperation, and encourages industrial and commercial enterprises. Civilian forces participate in APEC energy cooperation.

From November 1st to 2nd, the 18th meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Ministers) was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Prime Minister Li Keqiang signed and issued a joint communique with the leaders of the participating countries. Among them, it is specifically mentioned that it is necessary to support the continued cooperation in the energy field and take measures to improve energy efficiency, using advanced technologies to achieve the clean use of various energy sources such as traditional and renewable, achieving a clean and energy-saving economy and developing energy infrastructure in the region.

Since 2015, Teli Energy has started research and development and application of biodiesel. It has introduced a number of highly sophisticated scientific research personnel, bringing together many academicians, top scholars and seniors in the fields of green energy, petrochemicals and diatom breeding and application. Experts have formed an efficient management echelon and research and development services for scientific research and development, transformation of results, engineering design, project construction, production and operation. The pure hydrocarbon biodiesel technology has been evaluated by the expert group of the national appraisal organization. The results of the review are unanimously determined: the production of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel by catalytic hydrodeoxygenation process technology has reached the international leading level.

As the first model factory of Taili Energy - Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. (located in Xiangxi Sulfur Industrial Park, Dexing City, Jiangxi Province) is the second largest pure hydrocarbon biodiesel plant in the world, and will become the world leader for Taili Energy. The new energy companies and industry benchmarks lay a good foundation.

Thale Energy has the world's most advanced second-generation biodiesel technology (pure hydrocarbon biodiesel), and has made breakthroughs in diatom farming, providing a steady supply of raw materials for biodiesel – bio-oil (diatom oil), fundamentally It solves the problems of insufficient supply of biodiesel raw materials and low technical level, making high-quality, large-scale production and application of biodiesel a reality.
As a national high-tech enterprise and a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen, Taili Energy actively responded to the call of national policies, exerted its own advantages, and actively participated in APEC energy cooperation and SCO energy cooperation plan, contributing to the establishment of a new Asia-Pacific energy security system. power.

The original notice is as follows:

Notice of the General Department of the National Energy Administration on the announcement of China's participation in the second batch of member units of the APEC Energy Partner Network

All relevant units:

On July 16 this year, the Bureau issued the "Notice of the National Energy Administration's Comprehensive Division on Applying for the Second Batch of Member Units Participating in the APEC Energy Partner Network". Domestic technical institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises and other units actively applied for membership. The Office has reviewed the applicants and has screened 42 units that meet the requirements as members of the APEC Energy Partner Network. At the same time, the bureau conducted a comprehensive evaluation from the aspects of technical strength, international cooperation experience, APEC work familiarity, etc., and selected 7 units as the domestic counterparts of the APEC Energy Working Group and the task group.

All member units and domestic counterparts are required to create good working conditions as required, formulate detailed work plans, provide technical and intellectual support for the work of APEC Energy Working Group in China, and actively provide suggestions for APEC Energy Ministers Meeting and Leaders Summit.

National Energy Administration Division
October 8, 2019

Attachment: National Energy Agency website link
Notice of the General Department of the National Energy Administration on the announcement of China's participation in the second batch of member units of the APEC Energy Partner Network
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