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Diatoms are a type of single-celled plant, ranging in size from 0.6 microns to 10 microns, with various forms, and are one of the most abundant algae on the planet. Diatoms are also one of the most important types of phytoplankton, which are extremely widely distributed. Wherever there is water, they are usually traced. Because of their variety and quantity, they are called "grasslands" in the ocean.
The annual amount of oxygen produced by plankton reaches 36 billion tons, accounting for more than 70% of the oxygen content of the earth's atmosphere, and the amount of diatoms accounts for more than 60% of the amount of plankton. It is assumed that there is no diatom on the planet, and within three years The oxygen on the surface will be consumed.

Diatom is currently the only natural nanomaterial produced

In addition to its ability to produce oxygen, diatoms have high industrial application value. One of the main components of diatoms is diatom shells, which are mainly composed of micro- and nano-structured silica with a purity of more than 98%. The micro-nano biological material extracted from diatoms has a fine honeycomb void structure. It has high specific surface area, high strength, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation. It is a unique and highly pure organism in nature. Inorganic materials.
The basis of manufacturing is craftsmanship, design and materials. In terms of raw material innovation, the rise of nano-materials in recent years has had a significant impact on metal manufacturing processes. At present, the price of nano-metal materials is very high, making nano-metal applications in manufacturing limited to small finished products and special needs.
Diatom is currently the only known nano-material produced in nature. Using diatom shells as industrial raw materials, we can use aquatic products to produce industrial raw materials, and the cost will be greatly reduced.

Application of diatoms in anode materials of lithium batteries

From the perspective of 10 to 20 years, lithium-ion batteries will still be the energy storage device of choice for high-end equipment and equipment such as consumer electronics, electric vehicles, aerospace and aerospace. The improvement of anode materials will further increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries The key is that high specific capacity silicon or silicon-based anode materials are potential next-generation anode materials, but they have problems such as time-consuming and laborious preparation processes, and volume expansion during charging and discharging.

Compared with the artificial preparation process of porous silicon anode materials, diatoms, as lithium anode materials, can not only exert the potential of its multi-stage porous structure in the electrochemical field to a certain extent, but also effectively solve the problem of volume expansion during charging and discharging. Demonstrate the good performance of a new type of porous silicon-based material in the negative electrode of lithium-ion batteries.
Teli Energy has completed the laboratory stage characterization, analysis, and testing of diatom anode materials such as structural evolution, specific capacity, and rate. According to the research results, the diatom shell anode material of the silicon oxide component has been tested and the initial specific capacity of the battery with a current of 0.1 mA reaches nearly 1100 mAh / g, and the first charge and discharge efficiency is 87%. At a specific magnification, the specific capacity is more than double that of commercial graphite anodes. It has good application prospects for lithium battery anode materials.

At the press conference of the 2020 diatom new materials scientific research results hosted by Taili Energy, there will be a demonstration of the application of diatoms in anode materials for lithium batteries. Please stay tuned!
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