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2020 Press Conference on Scientific Research Achievements of New Diatom Materials Successfully Ended in Beijing

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On the afternoon of January 5, 2020, hosted by Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd., International Green Economy Association, Huasheng Green Industry Foundation, Southern University of Science and Technology, Beijing Taili Jinghong Research Institute, Shenzhen Zhaokai Biotechnology R & D Center, Jiangxi Zun Innovation The 2020 diatom new material research results press conference co-organized by Energy Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded in Beijing International Hotel.

Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Honorary President of the International Green Economy Association, Sha Zukang, Counsellor of the State Council and Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Liu Wenqiang, deputy director of the academy, Tang Yuan, former director of the Industrial and Commercial Trade Department of the Research Office of the State Council, Deng Jihai, executive chairman of the International Green Economy Association, Li Hongyan, executive chairman of the Huasheng Green Industry Foundation, and Zhang Zhixiong, vice chairman of the Huasheng Green Industry Foundation, Chen Jianbo, Secretary-General of Huasheng Green Industry Foundation, Liu Hong, Chairman of Shenzhen Taili Energy, Liu Dongyi, Member of the Standing Committee and Head of the United Front Work Department of Dexing City Committee, Jiangxi Province, and experts, professors, and scholars from the diatom-related scientific research institutions of Taili Energy, and diatom-related industries Nearly 150 people from entrepreneurs and relevant persons in the business press attended the conference.

Speech by Ambassador Sha Zukang, Former UN Secretary-General

It is understood that this press conference is the first time that Tailey Energy has released the scientific research results in the field of new diatom materials. It has taken the lead in opening the industrial application of new diatom materials in China and for the first time fully demonstrated the complete Diatom ecological industry chain.

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of Press Conference on Scientific Research Results of New Diatom Materials

At the press conference, Ma Fei, Chief Engineer of Terry Energy and Dean of Beijing Terry Research Institute, introduced the diatom ecological industry chain to the participants in detail.

Dean Ma Fei introduces the diatom ecological industry chain

Dean Ma Fei said at the scene that the Taili diatom ecological industrial chain model is mainly divided into three parts: one is the cultivation of diatoms, the other is diatom water, and the third is the extraction of diatom components. Diatoms are both agricultural products and industrial products, and can be used as food or industrial raw materials. He introduced to the scene that diatoms are regenerated, and through the cultivation of diatoms, Taili Energy can obtain oil and solve some problems of energy depletion.

Professor Yang Xiaojing introduced the application of diatoms in anode materials for lithium batteries

On the spot of the scientific research achievements of new diatom materials, Beijing Taili Jinghong Institute of Science and Technology and Professor Yang Xiaojing of Beijing Normal University demonstrated the application of diatoms in lithium battery anode materials. Professor Yang Xiaojing and the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Cui Fangming and Zhang Ce Research Institute's team found that the multi-stage porous structure and carbonized layer of diatoms make them suitable for anode materials of lithium-ion batteries. They jointly developed diatoms with a specific capacity exceeding 900mAh / g. Shell negative material-SiO2 @ C negative material. Diatom shell SiO2 @ C anode material has ultra-thin thickness, about 15 nanometers, nano-pore diameter of about 22 nanometers, and rich and uniform distribution of pores. This microstructure effectively buffers the volume expansion of silicon oxide anode materials during charge and discharge. It can maintain high specific capacity and long cycle life, which enables the high capacity of lithium batteries to truly realize industrial applications.

Professor Sun Dayong introduced the application of diatoms in superhydrophobic coating materials

Subsequently, Professor Sun Dayong of Southern University of Science and Technology introduced the application of diatom shells to superhydrophobic coating materials. The diatom shell coating of the reactor was developed by the South University of Science and Technology-Taly Joint Laboratory. Based on the characteristics of the diatom shell material, a super-hydrophobic coating with a surface micro-nano structure was developed. The layer has extremely strong abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be prepared on a large scale. Diaphragm shell-based superhydrophobic structural materials can be widely used in construction, transportation, machinery, solar energy, aerospace, marine engineering, communications engineering and other fields. If this low surface energy superhydrophobic coating is applied to the surface of the 5G base station shell, it will be able to effectively prevent oil pollution, corrosion, snow, and icing. It has good high temperature and low temperature resistance. Improve equipment signal stability.

Dr. Jiangtao Zhang introduced the application of diatoms in heavy metal adsorption materials

Finally, Dr. Zhang Jiangtao of Shenzhen Zhaokai Biological Research Center demonstrated the application of diatom shells in heavy metal adsorption materials. Dr. Jiangtao Zhang said that the diatom shell has a unique three-dimensional nanostructure and is a good adsorption material. Its chemical composition is SiO2, which has stable performance and is easy to regenerate and can be used multiple times. Zhaokai Biological optimized the technology of diatom shell adsorption treatment of heavy metal wastewater, determined the appropriate diameter, amount, and environmental conditions of diatom shell; developed the regeneration and activation technology of saturated diatom shell and the separation and adsorption of heavy metals Integrate technology to improve the efficiency of adsorbent utilization and achieve resource recovery of heavy metals. The diatom shell adsorbent can adsorb copper, mercury, cadmium, chromium, lead, silver and other common pollutants in water, and it can be reused more than 200 times.

A reporter asked

At the press conference, the Teli Energy expert team provided detailed answers to related issues that the media paid great attention to, and the atmosphere was lively.

The reporter learned from the press conference that in the field of diatom material research and application, as the chief scientist and the leader of diatom material research and development of Taili Energy, Academician Wang Zhaokai has long been engaged in aquaculture engineering and bioengineering work in microalgae bioreactors. The research and development of diatom natural mesoporous materials, microalgae bioenergy, and microalgae antibacterial substance research and development have been systematically studied. Academician Wang Zhaokai has made a decisive breakthrough in the research of a worldwide technical problem of open microalgae large-scale aquaculture, and solved the bottleneck of supplying microalgae raw materials at low cost. Academician Wang Zhaokai's enthusiasm and selfless dedication to the diatom research industry have started the vigorous development of Taili Energy's diatom industry. The diatom material application industry is an extremely large ecological industrial system. It is not only a revolution in the field of materials, but also It can make up for the shortage of various high-quality, precise and sharp materials in China, and it will play a huge role in agriculture, breeding, food security, energy, medicine, environmental protection and other aspects.
At this conference, Taili Energy introduced the scientific research results of new diatom materials to the outside world for the first time, showing the high-precision characteristics and high value-added industrial application of new diatom materials. Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. is an exclusive high-tech company with internationally leading diatom breeding, biomaterials, and bioenergy technologies. It has won a number of national patent technologies and honors, and has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise and a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise. , Is an innovative enterprise integrating the development, production and sales of diatom biomaterials and pure hydrocarbon bioenergy.

The chairman of Taili Energy Liu Hong stated that the display of scientific research results of new diatom materials will effectively promote the development of Taili's diatom industry. At the same time, Chairman Liu Hong also hopes that through this conference, more scientific research forces from all sectors of society will participate In the development of new diatom materials, more friends will begin to pay attention to the development and application of new diatom materials, and jointly start an era of new diatom materials.

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