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Ingenuity and capping! Warmly celebrate the Xifeng Jinding of Jiangxi Zunchuang Comprehensive Building!

author:管理员 Publication time:2020-01-18 20:22:07 Read: 2 second

In the morning of January 14th, as the last concrete of the car was slowly poured, the four core buildings of Jiangxi Zunchuang Comprehensive Building, Analysis and Experimental Building, Central Control Room and Power Distribution Room have all been successfully capped. The rapid advancement of civil engineering has laid a solid foundation for Zunchuang to put oil into production at an early date.

It is reported that the factory construction area is 102.55 mu and the total construction area is 68366 square meters. Supporting construction of comprehensive buildings, R & D center, quality control center, DCS center control room, logistics center, storage and transportation center, power distribution center, electromechanical instrument security center, fire protection center, etc.
At present, the construction of Jiangxi Zunchuang project is progressing in an orderly manner, and the phased goals of construction tasks such as investment, schedule, quality and safety have been completed.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. From the survey, design, drawing review to the construction phase, there are many difficulties. The project has a large volume, a tight construction period, strict quality, at the same time, high pressure on safety, environmental protection, and heavy rain and snow. Under difficult circumstances, all the top and bottom of Zunchuang overcame the difficulties and ensured the smooth capping of the comprehensive building, analysis and experiment building, central control room and power distribution room, and unveiled the mystery of the factory as promised.

Zunzhuang is the first model factory of Taili Energy Co., Ltd.'s ecological industry chain, which lays a good foundation for the company's global and complete green ecological industry layout and establishes industry benchmarks.

Plan map

The project uses waste oil such as trench oil as raw materials, and produces pure hydrocarbon bioenergy products such as pure hydrocarbon biodiesel with the same composition as petrochemical diesel through catalytic hydrodeoxygenation technology. It can be used directly on any diesel engine. The production process is Domestic leading position. The new plant to be built in Jiangxi Zunchuang is already full of vitality, and Taili's grand development blueprint is being constructed step by step.

Capping is a new beginning. All this is inseparable from the leadership of the head office Taili and Zunchuang for the high attention to the project, and also thank the civil construction party Jiangxi Province Zhongxing Construction Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Liyang Zhongyuan Petrochemical Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. since the start of construction, Comprehensive, multi-angle, strict requirements, high standards, without losing any details, strictly implement the quality assurance safety and civilized construction of the institutional guarantee system. We will always submit a satisfactory answer with the fullest enthusiasm and the most responsible working condition!

Celebrating the capping of the complex

For Jiangxi Zunchuang, 2019 is a busy year, a year of growth, a year of frustration, and a year of struggle. The fragrance of plum blossoms has come from the bitter cold, and after the snowstorm, we will be in full bloom in 2020!
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