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Zunchuang dynamics | Stable and orderly resumption of production

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A new crown of pneumonia that swept the Chinese land during the Spring Festival in 2020 changed the holiday mode and travel plans for all of us. Zhou Li, general manager of Jiangxi Zun Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. gave up the opportunity to reunite with loved ones during the Spring Festival and announced the fourth closure of the city in Wuhan. Tian returned to the company to understand the situation of the epidemic situation in Dexing, where the project is located, to maintain close communication with the local government in a timely manner, and actively purchase all kinds of anti-epidemic materials required for resumption of production. At the same time, an online office model was adopted to achieve early resumption of work Production is well prepared.

After careful study and judgment on the local epidemic situation in Dexing by the leaders of Taili Corporation and Zunchuang leaders, the company officially resumed production and resumed production on 2.21, becoming the earliest company in the park to resume production and resume production. Epidemic prevention is fundamental and top priority. It does not conflict with the resumption of production. Under the premise of solid requirements for epidemic prevention, comprehensively ensure and improve the quality of resumption of production. All the work we have done at this time is meaningful. This is the consensus and standard of all employees of Zunchuang.

Epidemic prevention and control materials

Multilateral efforts to build a security "defense wall"

Zunchuang formulated emergency plans for the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia for the staff of the epidemic organization, carefully implemented the work idea of "two-handed, both-handed" in epidemic prevention and production, and established an epidemic prevention and control emergency organization headed by general manager Zhou Li mechanism. The company's emergency organization is composed of an emergency leadership group, an emergency office, and an on-site emergency command. In accordance with the deployment and requirements of higher-level government departments and companies, and in combination with the company's specific actual situation, the resumption and resumption work under the epidemic prevention and control actively was carried out. At present, the resumption and resumption work is proceeding smoothly and orderly.

Comprehensive cleaning

In terms of resumption of work and production, strictly follow the requirements of higher-level governments and companies, do a good job in environmental disinfection and employee temperature monitoring, strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control systems, earnestly carry out epidemic prevention work, and carry out safe production work with quality and quantity.

Office, canteen and dormitory disinfection

In order to ensure the health of employees, emergency organizations have also brainstormed and made some grounding work, such as: temporarily adjusting office seats to maintain a distance of more than 1.5 meters; the restaurant can be divided into meals at different times to prevent the gathering of personnel, to minimize personnel cross-banding Each employee has a pair of masks every day. Except for meals, they must wear masks at other times, and the replaced masks are collected and returned to the designated trash bin.

Divide meals to prevent people from gathering

The employees' body temperature is tested twice a day; during the epidemic, the meeting adopts the network video mode; employees outside the factory implement a relatively fixed management mode of "family-factory"; during the epidemic, the rest time is not allowed to hang out.

Returning employees to disinfection and temperature monitoring

In this special period, Zunchuang will arrange the epidemic prevention work in strict accordance with the company's unified deployment. Next, epidemic prevention and control is still the top priority at present, and we cannot afford to relax. At the same time, the team needs to continue to focus on the quality management of resumption and resumption of production in the context of epidemic prevention, starting from protecting the interests of customers and meeting customer needs, fully tapping the team's potential and initiative, strive for initiative, face calmly, and seek to find in the epidemic prevention A brand-new quality management model strives for early oil production.

Firmly believe that the epidemic will eventually pass, and development is the last word. Zunchuang will maintain the unity of the people, overcome all difficulties, and actively work to achieve all goals including product quality goals in 2020! Come on, Wuhan! Come on, respect!

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