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Meet in March, Teli Energy wishes all women a happy holiday!

author:管理员 Publication time:2020-03-08 07:44:17 Read: 0 second
March on Earth

Spring breeze is not as beautiful as you

We ushered in the Goddess Festival together!

The development of the times

"Women" as an important part of society

In the family

They are important maintainers of family relationships;

In society,

They are half the sky that creates value.

Needless to say,

Women are great.

After the changes of the social age,

March 8 International Women's Day,

Various festival aliases have evolved

"Girls' Day", "Goddess Day", "Queen's Day", etc.

But no matter what it is called,

It is an annual traditional festival of our beautiful goddess.

"Don't talk about women's non-English things, don't let the men be shaved."

All the time

The goddesses do not let the eyebrows look bold,

Work actively and forge ahead,

Economically, socially, culturally and politically

Have made outstanding contributions

Thank you for your heavy shoulders,

Thank you for your responsibility in your beautiful heart.

The outbreak of new crown pneumonia,

What's more, we see different female figures:

Guarding her life

She sticks to her post

Warm her

Science war epidemic

Building her fortress

She on the production line ...

Every woman from all walks of life, from all walks of life,

With professional abilities and skills,

With professionalism and responsibility,

Fighting on the front and rear of the epidemic prevention and control,

Play an irreplaceable role.

Here, Taili Energy expresses its most sincere thanks and best wishes to all the goddesses. I wish you: Happy holidays, beautiful resident, beautiful life, wonderful career!
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