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Global industry status

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(1) global biodiesel industry
In recent years, the biodiesel industry has developed rapidly in the world. The statistical data show that the global production of biodiesel in 2014 is 2 billion 970 million liters, up 10.3%. The United States is the largest biodiesel producer, accounting for 15.8%. Germany and Brazil share second, accounting for 11.4%. The 28 countries in Europe account for 39.1% of the total output, and the specific output is as follows:

(2) biodiesel industry in the United States
The United States, the world's largest biodiesel producer, has increased rapidly in recent years. 2013, the world's crude oil price and other factors have led to a slight decline in output. At the same time, the consumer demand for biodiesel is also higher in the United States, as follows:
Biodiesel production, consumption, net exports (million gallons) in recent years in the United States

Data source: U.S Department of Energy
1, the current situation of China's industry
(1) market scale
Biodiesel is a new industry in China, showing many characteristics of the emerging industry in the early stage of industrialization. Many enterprises are attracted by business opportunities highlighted by the dual concept of green energy and agriculture, and have entered the field. The biodiesel industry has entered a rapid development period, coupled with the huge consumption demand in the domestic market, so our biodiesel industry has great potential for development.
The market size of the biodiesel industry in China in the past 2005-2014 years

On the one hand, the price of biodiesel is related to the purchasing cost of waste oil, soybean oil, palm oil, oil and DOP spot price. On the other hand, it is also determined by factors such as customer order quantity, cooperation relationship, regional competition and market demand.
(3) production and consumption
The production of China's biodiesel industry in the past 2011-2014 years (ten thousand tons)

Data source: China Industrial Information Network
Although the price of biodiesel has fallen from 2011, the output of the industry has doubled and has developed to a large scale. At present, the total domestic biodiesel production capacity is about 300-350 million tons, the industry gap is about 4000000 tons, and the market space is wide.
The consumption of biodiesel industry in China in the past 2011-2014 years

Data source: China Industrial Information Network
At present, the production of biodiesel in China is only about 1000000 tons, which can not meet the demand of the market. Statistics show that the total output of diesel oil in China is 176 million tons in 2014. According to the biodiesel B5 standard, about 8 million 760 thousand tons of biodiesel is needed, but the current output is only about 1000000, and the demand is still huge.

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