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The properties and advantages of energy biodiesel Terry

author:管理员 Publication time:2016-02-26 14:24:25 Read: 202 second
Terry energy biodiesel products and GB diesel biodiesel standard compared with other countries:
Some indicators in the table are described as follows:
The energy of biodiesel biodiesel Terry density lower than abroad, close to that of petro diesel and diesel mixed use to.
flash point
The flash point is an indicator of the evaporation and ignition and fire hazard of the oil, and the danger grade of the oil is based on the flash point. On the table by Terry energy biodiesel flash point between international biodiesel and fossil diesel. And higher than the petrochemical diesel oil, in transportation, storage, use more safe.
Sixteen alkane value
The sixteen alkane value is the main indicator of the ignition performance, which has a great influence on the operation of the diesel engine, and the diesel engine must have a suitable sixteen alkane value. The above table shows that the sixteen alkane of biodiesel is higher than that of ordinary diesel, so the ignition performance of biodiesel is better than that of ordinary diesel. The sixteen energy Bio Diesel Cetane Number of biodiesel Tilly is higher than that of fossil diesel and abroad.
sulfur content
Sulfur content has great influence on the new technology and exhaust emissions of diesel engine. The sulfur content of biodiesel is far lower than that of petro diesel, which can directly reduce the emissions of fine particles and sulfur dioxide, and is conducive to the control of particulate matter and sulfur oxides of all kinds of diesel vehicles.
The comparison shows that the energy of biodiesel are an alternative to petro diesel Terry in the performance indicators, some indicators are better than that of petroleum diesel, and combustion products more environmentally friendly, more in line with the requirements of low carbon environmental protection.
2, the energy of bio diesel and ordinary Terry biodiesel (B100) and the comparison of B5 standard
Terry energy of biodiesel and the national biodiesel standard B100 and B5 standard index comparison table
From the data in the table shows that the energy of biodiesel in sixteen octane index, Terry oxidation stability, acid value and other indicators of national biodiesel is better than that of B100 provisions, reached the national standard for biodiesel standards. B5 and PAHs in the index is far better than the national standard of B5.
Cold filter point: sample cooling under specified conditions, the highest temperature when the sample can not flow through the filter or 20ml filter the sample through the time more than 60 seconds or not completely back to the cup when, as the cold filter plugging point (according to the integer 1 DEG C) said.
Freezing point: refers to the maximum temperature of the sample in the cooling conditions prescribed under all to stop the flow of the liquid fluid, with C (according to the integer 1 DEG C) said.
The main difference between the energy of biodiesel biodiesel and general terry:
Common biodiesel
Energy biodiesel Terry
Cold filter point
High (above 5 degrees C)
Low (of-10 DEG C)
The lower and more convenient to use
Freezing point
High (above 8 degrees C)
Low (of-10 DEG C)
The lower and more convenient to use
Proportion of use in petrochemical diesel oil
The highest 5%
More than 40%, even directly used
Measured by national B5 standards
Note: energy biodiesel Terry using special technology, effectively reduce the cold filter point and solidifying point of the product; at the same time Terry energy bio technology to produce biodiesel, fatty acid methyl ester content decreased more than 85%, and other indicators have reached the national standard of B5, so we can mix 40%.
Ordinary biodiesel is made from fatty acid methyl ester, the content in more than 95% countries B5 standard specifies the content of fatty acid methyl ester was 2 ~ 5% (volume percent), and cold filter plugging point and high pour point (which is determined by the average molecular weight), so that only can be mixed with the conclusion of 5%, national B5 standard is to use this as the basis for formulating the.
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