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The third generation biodiesel project was signed into Baoan to hatch

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-03-02 14:23:15 Read: 1373 second
In March 1st, the third generation biodiesel project, which was spent over 10 years and spent billions of R & D, was signed and settled by Baoan District Human Resources Bureau and science and technology innovation Bureau. Baoan talent Chi Chuang garden, which was built by Xingda Human Resources Co., Ltd., began industrial incubation. Cai Zhi Yun Chuang yuan not only gives free treatment to the project, but also provides VC financing of 30 million yuan in the first year, helping the project to transform the scientific and technological achievements to scale production as soon as possible.
And behind the project and the hatching, it is the "gorgeous turn" of the traditional human resources institutions in Baoan. From the industrial manufacturing enterprises as the recruitment of skilled workers in the human resources market, to innovation and entrepreneurship incubator project base in Baoan, the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure under the background of the times, the traditional human resource organization in Baoan will keep pace with the times, to enhance the synchronization, and gradually become the leading Baoan industry to promote the industrial development of Baoan innovation transformation, an important part of the.
The R & D of ten years' R & D of waste oil for the preparation of the "third generation biodiesel" project for non polluting diesel technology began in 2006. "From the beginning of 2006, we will bring together industry experts, research and development of bio diesel and regeneration technology in nano academician in the United States and China under the guidance of the R & D funds spent 10 years, billions of dollars, has experienced trial production stage of research, small trial and in laboratory research, finally succeeded." R & D team, founder of Shenzhen Ridong Bio Energy Co., Ltd. chairman Liu Hong memories. In August 2015, the technology reached national leading level through national technical identification. "A method of biodiesel production from waste oil, acidified oil and animal and plant waste oil", "a biodiesel catalytic cracking unit", has been awarded the national invention patent and the national utility model patent.
The salient feature of the third generation biodiesel project, is the drainage oil plants, waste oil prepared for zero emissions of high-quality diesel, 100% components of its research and development of nano bio diesel for regeneration of alkanes, a diesel engine can be used in the market now, and there is no need to adjust diesel engine. Not only the advanced technology, the price of biodiesel can even 10% cheaper than conventional diesel, "current traditional diesel wholesale price at around 4500 yuan / ton, our nano bio diesel production costs less than 4000 yuan / ton, 10% cheaper than conventional diesel, whether it is on the development of the use of biotechnology, and environmental protection projects will play a huge role in promoting." Liu Hong introduced it.
Before entering Baoan wisdom cloud Park, Hebei, Guangzhou and other provinces has stretched out the olive branch to the Liu Hong team, and promised to give preferential treatment in land, government funding, gas station construction and other aspects, but Liu Hong ultimately chose Baoan, chose only Chi Yun Park, "Shenzhen is the most suitable for business city, I also believe that wisdom cloud park can wholeheartedly help me achieve project achievements".
The incubation period for the "third generation of biodiesel" project was 5 years. The first year will be to Shenzhen Ridong Bio Energy Ltd to provide 30 million yuan of financing services, promote the production of the first annual output of 120 thousand tons of bio diesel production base, to complete the transformation from scientific and technological achievements into large-scale production, and strive to achieve the domestic listing of three new board; within three years, build bio diesel production base 10 annual output more than 100 thousand tons level in the country; five years global built 50 production bases, production capacity of 15 million tons, the global biodiesel industry leader position. In addition, Cai Zhi Yun Chuang yuan will provide the incubation services of headquarters economy located in Baoan, including publicity, promotion, recommendation of domestic and foreign competitions, and providing guidance services for national policies.
Traditional human resources institutions, magnificent transformation, innovation and incubating base
The third generation of bio diesel project located in wisdom cloud Park, formerly known as Shenzhen city Xingda Human Resources Co. Ltd., is the largest private employment agencies in Baoan District, with 22 years of development history, Baoan District enterprises accumulated tens of millions of human labor transfer. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of Baoan's economic structure and the public venture, the highly innovative era, Xingda Human Resources Inc in Baoan District Human Resources Bureau and the Bureau of science and technology innovation support, began the transition to innovation and entrepreneurship incubators, create a line under the combination of "super business incubator" - wisdom cloud a park, become the representative of the successful transformation of the traditional human resource mechanism.
It's called "super incubator" because Cai Zhi Chuang garden breaks the traditional idea of incubation in physical space, hatches all objects that can be hatched: industry, enterprise, community and individual. A cloud of wisdom to break the traditional concept of physical space Park incubator "middleman landlord rental type", will hatch space expand to the whole society and the mobile Internet cloud and O2O line under the actual situation, the enterprises and projects are all free and for incubation, incubation projects take the difference of the different methods of incubation Entrepreneurship: individual incubation, to form the scale of industry chain and batch driven individual entrepreneurship as the goal; the traditional enterprise incubator, with the transformation of the entire industry to upgrade innovation; community incubator, urged the development of community services, community and industry community, promote community business, realize the integration of community resources upgrade.
Cai Zhi Yun Chuang yuan has set up an accelerator for transformation and upgrading of enterprises, which can provide diagnosis and guidance services for traditional enterprises, and provide seamless ideas for capital, technology and talents for transformation of market, product and marketing mode.
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