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Terry energy fourth generation biodiesel project for 200 million yuan investment

author:管理员 Publication time:2016-02-29 14:22:59 Read: 1228 second
In February 26th, Shenzhen Taili Energy Co. Ltd, Qingdao 1314 marketing planning Co. Ltd. jointly organized the fourth generation bio diesel project start cum Qingdao 1314 marketing planning limited investment signing press conference, Qingdao 1314 marketing planning company 200 million yuan capital Shenzhen Taili Energy Limited, the two sides will work together to accelerate the fourth generation bio diesel project.
Biodiesel is a green energy produced by the main raw materials such as waste oil and oil crops such as "gutter oil". The renewable energy law stipulates that the State encourages clean and efficient development and utilization of biomass fuels and encourages the development of energy crops. According to the national development and Reform Commission and other eight departments at the end of last year issued "on the fifth phase of a comprehensive supply in line with national mandatory standards for vehicle oil notice", 2017, China will launch a nationwide comprehensive supply in line with country V standard car with gasoline (including E10 ethanol), diesel (B5 containing biodiesel). Driven by this policy, the biodiesel industry is expected to usher in a golden opportunity for the development of gold.
Terry energy chairman Liu Hong Baoan Hukou youth, in 2005, he sold the region was the largest law firm, began collecting domestic and foreign well-known experts, research and development of renewable bio diesel and nano technology, has gone through the stages of production test research and small trial and in laboratory. "We use all kinds of dynamic first generation biodiesel plant waste oil development, only low-end fuel, the engine can not be used; second generation of biodiesel in diesel, in addition of a small amount, the proportion is less than 10%; the third generation of biodiesel, the 80% components are alkanes (the main component of petrochemical diesel oil), can be directly used for diesel engine the engine, in August 2015 through the national technical appraisal that it has reached the leading domestic level." Liu Hong, to be perfect, since last year also invested tens of millions of dollars, and finally developed the fourth generation of biodiesel, all components are alkanes, diesel power beyond 30%, can still maintain liquidity in the condition of low temperature of -28 DEG C, the other core indicators are also superior to the country five diesel standards.
The tree of the phoenix tree is planted, and the Phoenix will come. With the fourth generation biodiesel core patented technology, exclusive production of renewable bio diesel, 100% nanometer petrochemical diesel components, tractors, trucks, times for shipping etc.... Have... Terry energy core technology and future prospects for sustainable development, won the 1314 Qingdao marketing planning Co. Ltd. favor. In February 26th, the two sides after the successful signing, Qingdao 1314 marketing planning limited company will inject 200 million yuan for fourth generation of biodiesel projects during the year and strive to scale production, service to the "bus shake" and "dock clean" plan, and become China's national strategic reserve of oil and military pilot oil supplier.
With the rapid development of the Internet, the encrypted digital assets has become one of the most mainstream industry in today's society, with the constant change of the encryption of digital assets in recent years, more and more countries, highly encrypted digital assets and social investors among the governments of the world and the central bank have committed to the encrypted digital asset management and research and development as soon as possible, the encrypted digital currency of their own." According to the encrypted digital assets senior experts, Qingdao 1314 marketing planning limited company chief consultant Song Ming introduced the development of the times, to encrypt the digital assets as the core industry, with professional portal Fuyuan Trading platform to improve the block chain technology to make a strong pace of Fuyuan currency steady, healthy and rapid growth of enterprise based on the great reduce the cost of the traditional currency, the transaction is more convenient and safer. In the future, the company will work with Shenzhen Taili Energy Limited common cooperation, is committed to clean energy development and promotion, to contribute to China's environmental protection and recycling of waste animal and vegetable oil.
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