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The development of bio diesel energy to Terry

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-07-27 14:22:42 Read: 1237 second
Terry energy, bio diesel technology after 12 years of long development process, is currently the world's most advanced technology enterprises with bio diesel. Terry energy was originally developed in 2005, high-tech R & D team to find a true substitute for oil in the exploration to develop plant and animal waste oil, in order to make the high technology to more in-depth research and development, has lasted 12 years of investment, energy is gradually established in the terry extension of enterprises under the background. Up to now, the total investment of the project is 160 million yuan, and the cost is huge.
In 2012, the research and development of the project laboratory was successful, that is, the theory of extracting pure diesel from the waste oil from the plant and the plant is realistic. Later, we set up a preliminary workshop in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. We mainly studied the project equipment and technology, and gradually upgraded the laboratory's 30 liters of standard equipment to 5 tons of oil.
The first test results were successful again in 2013. The existing technology and equipment have already realized the possibility of large-scale production, and the project research has taken a big step forward.
In October 2014, the site was located in the building of Shenzhen Guangming New Area. The workshop standard was built according to the annual output of 6000 tons per production line. During the construction of the factory, in order to achieve a better state, the research and development team constantly try to adjust the equipment and optimize the process...
The successful test June 2015 study, can totally realize large-scale industrialized production, from the first step out of the oil production, to realize the automation of the whole manufacturing process, no gas, no water, no noise, no pollution, to achieve zero discharge in production, net profit of products up to 30%, among the world's leading position, reached the top technical level.
In the same period, we set up a joint laboratory at the Dongguan University of science and technology to develop biomass diesel.
The biomass diesel technology was successfully tested in May 2016.
The difference between bio diesel and biodiesel, biodiesel is mainly containing 100% fatty acid methyl ester composition, and biomass diesel with 99.7% diesel components, 0.3% fatty acid methyl ester, equivalent to the current diesel.
After the successful technology of biomass diesel, we purchased the Guangxi Yu Ni Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., and plan to use Guangxi Yu energy as our workshop to produce diesel fuel in a large scale.
The industry of biodiesel is the pioneer of the new energy industry in the future, and the development process of the past 20 years is difficult. The current world production is only the first and second generation of biodiesel, also called fatty acid methyl ester, and the third generation diesel engine technology is being developed, they are not in the strict sense of diesel, diesel burning diesel, if burning methanol, methyl esters of fatty acids or other raw materials, the diesel engine is not recognized, great damage to the car. The traditional biodiesel via fatty acid methyl ester of vegetable oil produced, fuel oil can only be used for low-end, unable to meet the new energy requirements of social value, this is the status of traditional biodiesel.
From its inception to Terry energy gradually developed over the past 12 years have drawbacks to skip the traditional biodiesel, developed a can, driven in vegetable oil refining pure diesel technology, bio diesel development ran directly.
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