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Warmly celebrate Terry energy and Malaysia natural Peak Limited was formally signed

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-08-31 14:22:17 Read: 4126 second

In August 30, 2017, Shenzhen Energy Co., Ltd. signed with Terry Malaysia natural peak limited company, marking the internationalization process of the terry energy sounded the horn, taking Terry energy in the international market to start the first step of the new energy industry, opened a new era of internationalization of Terry energy distribution.

Shenzhen Taili Energy Limited is the world's first name of a production are the only fourth generation biodiesel company, Terry energy production more than 100% nano components regeneration biodiesel for alkanes can be arbitrary in the current market on a diesel engine, without adjustment of diesel engine for tractors, trucks, times the ship, etc., for China's environmental protection and waste oil recycling do born big contribution, and won a number of national patents and honor.

Malaysia natural peak Co., Ltd., in order to create a "natural health and health industry platform" as the core mission, the development of nine years. Scope of business coverage: engineering installation, large health, new energy investment and other fields. The market covers the Southeast Asian regions such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian regions.
Malaysia natural peak Co. Ltd and Chinese Terry joined forces, the core technology introduced by the Malaysia Chinese Terry energy for fourth generation of biodiesel, the establishment of the Malaysia Taili biodiesel New Energy Company, through the fourth generation of biodiesel in new energy projects in Malaysia industrial floor, environment advantage, policy advantage, with the help of Malaysia raw materials advantage to solve air pollution from the root of the problem, improve the living environment of mankind.
Malaysia Taili biodiesel New Energy Company will depend on government policy advantage, force to increase the proportion of bio diesel, biodiesel is added at least ten percent policy orientation in the traditional petrochemical diesel, the rapid occupation of Malaysia's new energy market.、
Terry energy to the world's most high-quality biodiesel. Clean, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, zero production process, renewable, and recycling waste, and its core technology advantages will become the leader in the field of biodiesel new energy in the world, and benefit all mankind.
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