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The construction of formal modeling Terry energy Jiangxi bio diesel production base in

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-08-31 14:21:31 Read: 1234 second
From August 30th to the signing ceremony at top speed construction, just a few days, Terry energy Jiangxi Dexing biodiesel production base did not stop, just like a raging fire to start.
The construction of the Jiangxi biodiesel production base project is planned to invest 100 million yuan (including construction investment and liquidity). The annual sales revenue is estimated to be 512 million 500 thousand yuan. Shenzhen Talim Energy Co. Ltd. wholly funded.
In this project, biodiesel is produced by catalytic reduction of waste animal and vegetable oils through nano molecular sieve, and the new catalytic technology of by-products, clean gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas has been acquired. It has reached the domestic advanced level in terms of technology and equipment, comprehensive utilization of resources, clean production, environmental protection and fire safety, and has won many national patents and honors.
The company will be put into production of bio diesel more than 100% components are alkanes, can be arbitrary in the current market on a diesel engine, without adjustment of diesel engine, tractor, truck, ship for times, for China's environmental protection and waste oil recycling processing made great contributions.
The new project area of Dexing biodiesel production base in Jiangxi is 80 mu with a total building area of 30000 square meters.
The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and officially put into production in 2018. The new project mainly produces biodiesel, clean gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas, with an annual capacity of 100 thousand tons.
Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel production company will be used to "shake the bus" and "dock clean" plan, and will become a pilot supplier of our country's national strategic reserve of oil and oil industry.
The construction of the Jiangxi production base in Dexing marked the start of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., a new starting point of large-scale production, the first step is to market scale. Finally, we wish the construction of the production base as soon as possible and the first shot for the scale development of the company!
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